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Jeff Who? Jeff Chu

Hello Faithful ones who go to this site. Well, I'm still in school. Not sure if it was the smartest thing to do, but I'm taking classes during summer... I really need a break. Because of school, this site will not be updated for a long time. So...I wish you all the best in finding entertainment, procrastinating, or whatever it may be.

The Top 10 Reasons You Are Here:
  • You Have Nothing Better To Do
  • You Need Some Advice
  • You Enjoy My Sarcasm
  • You Really Have Nothing Better To Do
  • You Accidentally Clicked the Wrong Link...
  • You Want To Give Me Advice
  • You Want To Be Entertained
  • You Wanted To Come Here
  • You Were Tricked Into Coming Here
  • You Want To Know More About Me

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