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   JBZ PlACE                                      01/27/04

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Hey! I finally got the website up and running, please email me with anything new you want posted on this website... i need as much information as i can so i can make this site the best it can me. I can upload alot of things so pretty much anything is possible i just will have to find out how to do iit.... hopefully the chatroom will be up soon and i will have some good music in the background. Im trying to get a place in the site where you all can download music and play it on your computer (that'll be fun @ school cuz knowing them theyll get smart and take away all windows media players like they did to  !!! )

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   watoxic (Dont use if ur not part of WA)


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Hey ill try to upload fotos online but you know im not that big on bringin digital cameras to dances... COUGH BRIAN COUGH but thank god there r some ppl who did and ill try to get it from them!!! so thx them if you get a chance... EMAIL me your fotos of your self... places.. parties.... don't matter just email me pictures  


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