Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation

(a.k.a Latin Kings)

Gang Colors: Black and gold. Black represents death, gold represents life

Sequence of Beads: Five black followed by five gold for members, five black followed by two gold for executive members. All Black for the enforcers or Assassins. Of late due to high law enforcement crackdowns most members no longer openly show the beads as a sign of membership.

Emblem: Five pointed crown, five pointed star, lions head with crown, code of armor, bulldog with a crown.

Leadership: The Latin Kings have a highly organized and formalized rank structure which includes Supreme Crown Authorities, Executive Crown Authorities and Local Presidents in their respective prisons and communities. The Latin Kings are directed by an Inmate who is currently incarcerated in the Federal System. He is the "Supreme Crown Authority" or "Inca" for the Latin Kings.

Local Leadership: The Latin Kings have established local leadership in the major metropolitan communities and in all correctional facilities. Each local crown reports directly to a regional commander who is responsible for a particular geographical area.

Identifiers: The Latin Kings are known to exhibit in drawings, paintings, and graffiti their reflection and interpretation of the Latin Kings. The Latin Kings' colors are used in much of the material along with symbols such as A.L.K.Q.N.( Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation), A.L.K.Q.C.N ( Almighty Latin King Charter Nation), A.D.R. (Amor Deu Rei; Love the King), crowns, lion heads, "LK," bulldogs, Coat of Arms, guns, cars, and money. The Latin Kings will eulogize with graffiti the locations where a gang member has fallen or died. (Members are no longer using street names and under recent charter revisions the members are being issued I.D. cards and numbers. This number is now being used in used in the graffiti). In the graffiti will usually be the name of the fallen comrade, date, and initials of the artist. If another gang is responsible for the death of the Latin King member, an upside down symbol of that gang may appear in the graffiti with the words "Lollypop" as a putdown to that gang. Pay back and anniversary dates of slain fellow gang members add to the violence of this group.

The colors of black and gold have long been associated with this gang. The members will wear beads and clothing which will display the gold and black colors. The colors are well represented at the gangs' funerals.