About me


We In The " Almighty Latin King Nation" Must Remember The Humanity, Glory, And Suffering Of Our Ancestors And Honor The Struggle And Sacrifices Of The " Almighty Latin King Nation".

When I Die Have No Pity Bury Me Deep In Latin King City Lay Two Guns Across My Chest And Tell The Latin King And Queen Nation I Did My Best


A Lil Bout Me

Name: James P Irby…King Cobra…Rabbit

Location: Quitman MS

Race: Thai/American…I Look Mexican

Hair: Short N Black

Eyes: Dark Brown…Almost Black

Height: 5’10…Somethin Like that

Body: I’m not muscular but in not fat…Really Skinny…Nice Body

Favorite Color: Black or Dark Blue


Dating Status

I am single and like it…I do miss the good things about

Bein in a relationship…hopefully I'll find someone that works for me.


What I Like To DO

I like chillin with my friends, goin to parties, playin around,

Getting pleasured by others, playin x-box, messin around on

My computer, and doin whatever else comes my way.


Things I Like in Girls

I like girls that are not ashamed of their body…Like to express

Themselves freely, like to have fun, aren’t to close to their friend,

Willing to spend time with others, very outspoken,

Aren’t to shy, willing to experience new things, and like people

For who they are and not what they do.


Things I hate about Girls

I don’t like girls that are to much into themselves that they

Don’t pay attention to others, if the are to religious they

Aren’t my type, spending to much time with there friends is

Are really big turnoff to me, I hate when they talk to the phone

To much-I hate talking on the phone, I don’t like girls that

Try to control others, and if they try to use me then they are

Really gona have problems