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      JAC Volleyball Tournament II

      JAC Basketball Tournament V

    July 31, 2006

      Praise the Lord! What a great tournament! Thanks once again to all the teams and players for coming out and showing great sportsmanship. JAC Sports is happy to say that JAC Basketball IV was a success! Continue to pray for the sports ministry and look forward to future JAC Sports events.

      Congrats to:

      The Superstarettes: Sis. Sheena, Sis. Char, Sis. Jessica A., Sis. Janelle, Sis. Arielle, and Sis. Jessica B.

      The College Team: Bro Joepoe, Bro. Ryam, Bro. Joer, Bro. Alexis, Bro. Jordan, Bro. Junior, and Bro. Jason J.

      Back to back champions on both sides of the leagues, God Bless Everyone!


    July 19, 2006

      What a retreat. GOD BLESS EVERYONE! Reunion is coming up this Sunday from 1-3pm. After reunion, JAC will be having an open gym! So bring your basketball clothes and shoes and lets play some ball! Also, if you plan to play JAC Basketball, all the forms and the $10 donation is due on this day. Also, we will be having a drawing of teams schedule. CANT WAIT. GOD BLESS.


    July 2, 2006

      JAC Volleyball was great! What a day! The results are posted on this website and the pictures are now available.

      JAC Basketball, 27 days left (and counting).


    June 29, 2006


        Praise and Thank You Lord Jesus for bringing the Sports Ministry this far. Thank You for allowing us a day of Volleyball this Saturday.

        Lord we lift up to you the safety of each of the players, spectators, and volunteers. Allow protection and guidience for everyone in SPS Gym and drive away any evil spirits!

        We lift this up in your most precious and powerful name, Jesus Christ...AMEN!

      Two more days. ARE YOU READY? Its goin down! Be excited brothers and sisters, JAC SPORTS present the very 1st Volleyball Tournament. The teams are posted and the schedule will be posted shortly.

      Each player must have a wavier. If you don't have the wavier form, you can't play!

      To the vistors and spectors, PLEASE COME and support JAC Volleyball! Cheer for you sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters; its going be crazy! God Bless and see you guys Saturday at 11:00am Warm Up.


    June 21, 2006

      JAC 1st VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT forms are AVAILABLE NOW!!! Print it out!


    June 19, 2006

      JAC 1st VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT is in less than two weeks. Sign up now by calling Bro. Joepoe or come to this Sundays prayer meeting at St. Paul of the Shipwreck Library. This Volleyball has limited space, so sign up a.s.a.p. Or you my not have a spot to play in this event!


    June 18, 2006

      JAC 4th Basketball Tournament will be held in a new gym: "HOLY TRINITY GYM".


    April 12, 2006

      JAC Sports is sad to say that the 1st Volleyball Tournament has moved to the Summer of 2006! Please spread the word and JAC Sports will see you April 23 at the next prayer meeting. God bless and sorry for any unconvience. Please continue to pray for JAC and the Sports Ministry!


    April 9, 2006

      Greetings to all! YES. PRAISE THE LORD. The volleyball open gym was really exciting! JAC Sports prays that all of the staff participants enjoyed themselves. CHECK THE VOLLEYBALL RULES! All players are responsible for knowing all the rules.

      The 1st Volleyball Tournament will be in two weeks,April 22, 2006! Get ready!

      The teams will be updated ASAP as well as the Wavier forms. So stay updated and learn the rules!


    April 5, 2006

      Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Chirst! THANK GOD for another successful renewal #73. AMEN! This Sunday we're going to have reunion as always, but this time after the reunion JAC is going to have a two-hour Volleyball open gym so call one call all! You must go to the reunion in order to play volleyball in the gym. Also here a little trailer of JAC B.T.III enjoy and GOD BLESS!!!!

    March 20, 2006


      Yesterday was bowling Night and it was a great time out! Thanks to JAC Staff for coming through to the event and showing off their bowling skills. We had about 25 bowlers. Pictures!!!!!! Of this event will be posted on jacstaff.org April 1st 2006 (after JAC#73). So keep posted and look forward to the next time JAC goes bowling!


      Don�t forget : APRIL 9 2006 is VOLLEYBALL REGISTRATION and OPEN GYM!


    March 17, 2006


      JAC will be going bowling in 2 DAYS!!! Come to the prayer meeting and bring your slips and money!


      Only one month away from the 1st annual Volleyball Tournament. I hope you guys are practicing and looking for more JAC Staff Players to be on your team! The Volleyball Rules have been posted up so check it out RULES!!!

      JAC Sports has changed the Volleyball Open Gym Day to Palm Sunday, April 9, 2006. The SPS Gym will be open after the Reunion of JAC #73 for about 2 hours for volleyball practice.

      So don�t forget : APRIL 9 2006 is VOLLEYBALL REGISTRATION and OPEN GYM!


      NEW!!! 20 NEW PICTURES POSTED UP! Check them out PICTURES!!!


    March 9, 2006


      NEW!!!!! Pictures from JAC BT III, finally! There are only about 20, more will be coming soon. Check out this link PICTURES!!!


      New Players : Sis. Malou (JAC 12), Sis. Kristen (JAC72), and Sis Janine (JAC72)


    March 7, 2006

      Hello Brothers and Sisters. It�s great to see JAC Staffers logging in and checking out the website. Thanks and remain posted. Here is some news for all those who are interested in going bowling March 19, 2006. For anyone who plans to attend, remember that the only way to get a wavier form is at the JAC prayer meetings so this Sunday is your last chance to get it if you want to turn it in by March 19 (the deadline).


    March 1, 2006

      Today is Ash Wednesday! God Bless You Today and pray about the sacrifaces that you guys will make!

      Today is offical launch date of JAC SPORTS new website. So enjoy and let JAC SPORTS MINISTRY know if there is anything to be corrected/updated.


    February 27, 2006

      JAC Renewal # 73 is only ONE MONTH AWAY!!! Get your candidates NOW!!!

      Good day brothers and sisters! Yesterdays prayer meeting was a blessing; it was great to see everyone show up, please continue to attend and for those not in attendance, COME BACK SOON! JAC Sports Misistry is begining to form teams for the 1st Volleyball tournament. The 3 captains so far and Sis Kristine S., Sis Alyssa S., and Sis. Ivy! If you need a team or want to be on a team, pleae let either Bro. Dean or Bro. Joepoe know. Continue to check out the Volleyball Team Roster for any updates!


    February 22, 2006

      Greetings to all! YES. PRAISE THE LORD. After about one year of asking "Can we have a Volleyball Tournament", it's finally here! Brothers and Sisters, enjoy the new JAC SPORTS website and keep posted on the lastes news and updates.


    January 24 2006

      Greetings to everyone! Thank you for being patience with the results from The 3rd JAC Tournament. I would like to announce that updates are coming very very soon! JAC Basketball's Website will be re located to join with www.jacstaff.org on Febuary 5th 2006 (Jac72 Reunion). JAC Basketball hopes to post results, pictures and a BONUS Video on Feb. 5. so visiting and look forward to the UPDATES!


    January 8 2006

      PRAISE GOD! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves yesterday at the 3rd JAC Basketball Tourney. On behalf of J.A.C., it was great to see everyone play. I would like to start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS! Congratulations to everyone who played! Thank you for participating and making this event possible! Thank you to everyone who helped. To all the people who kept score, refereed sold food, etc. etc. THANK YOU! THANK GOD FOR YOU!

      Congratulations to the champions of this event:




            Jason J.

      Also, I Hope you guys are looking forward to the next JAC Basketball Tourney. We don�t know when the next one will be so give us your input by leaving a comment and letting JAC know what you think. It may be in July or next January (and this event will soon be an ANNUAL event). God Bless and stick around for pictures and videos soon to come!


    January 6 2006

      Good Day Brothers and Sisters! ITS HERE. TODAY IS THE DAY! I hope you guys are all looking forward to seeing everyone tonite for the mass at SPS at 7pm. There you will get to see everyone and hang out for mass. BTW make sure you guys get a packet from bro. joepoe with all the basketball info. JAC is in the house tonite. SPS 7pm be there! GOD BLESS!


    January 3 2006

      Happy Birthday to two captains: Vince B and Aaron S.

      I have good news to everyone, i spoke with Fr Paul and SPS, the earliest JAC could enter the gym is at 12:00pm. After DJ Matt sets-up and the benchs will be moved, everyone is allowed 12:15-12:50 WARM UP. This is very important, its going to be a long day so dont forget to strech out. Especially for the teams that play first (College, Underdogs, Superstars, and Luckies). Good Luck

      There a is LOCKER ROOM. So players dont need to throw they're things everywhere. Its the staircase next to the bathrooms. All players will be advised to put they're belongings there.


    December 31 2005

      Happy New Year to all...God Bless your life during 2006! ONE WEEK! Only 1 more week until the basketball tourney. Check the schedule for its new updates!


    December 25 2005

      Merry Christmas to all. 12 MORE DAYS SO SHAPE UP! I hope everything is going well with everyone and i have a couple of announcements. First of all, I am looking forward to seeing everyone for Jan. 6th (First Friday Mass at SPS) this is required for anyone and everyone who wants to play the basketball Tourney. Second, unfortuntely alot of the players did NOT turn in everything on time and they are NOT able to participate. But becuase of the lack of communication, exceptions will be made for some players. (But if JAC has The 4th Basketball Tourney, the Deadline Date we be absolute...no exceptions).

      For the WOMENS league:
      Thanks to all those who are signed up, there are currently 2 teams and i'm pretty sure a third team will be made by Jan 7th. Except to run 4-on-4 Full court (the short way).

      Also, you guys may pick up a 5th player if you want. Thanks for being patient.

      For the OPEN league:
      Again, thanks to everyone who is fully registered. We have 7 teams ready to play so good luck. Check the website for who you guys are playing! 7 Teams and only 1 will be the CHAMPIONS!

      For the ALL TEAMS!:
      I'm trying to hook you guys up with logos so help me out with any input or anything you guys want to submit thanks.


    December 18 2005

      Thanks to all who came out for the JAC Christmas Party. Anyone who was there will admit that it was great to see everyone there! I hope you guys are looking forward to our upcoming events. Mass is January 6 2006, in St. Paul at 7pm. Everyone is REQUIRED to attend. Then the following afternoon is our 3rd JAC Basketball Tourney! Good Luck and God Bless.

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