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Everything you ever wanted to know about me! (well at least what the general public knows about me already! An the most utterly boring part of the web page)

* Name- Angela

* Birthday- Jan. 2nd ( I'm a Capricorn Baby!!!)

* Nicknames- Angie, Angel, Angalese, Bella ( and probably some I don't like)

* Do you have any pets?- Yes, A Pug named Max, 5 Cats; Whiskers, Delenn, Boushee, Ebbie, and Milo, A Hamster; Sumomo, and a turtle named Tina Turtle (check out the pets section for photos!)

Do you work?- yes, at a comic store and I D.J. at Goth daces clubs, make random costumes for people

* Hobbies- Music (Oboe, Flute, Percussion), Singing (I'm a J-pop wanna be, Hey they never said you had to be Japanese to join Morning Musume, did they?), Writing, video games, Drawing, Translating Manga, Cosplay, sewing, dressing my friends up like zombies...

* Turn On's- Lets not even get into that.

*Are you single- Don't know if I should say this but, Yes.

Favorite Colors- Purple, Black, Red

* Interests- Movies, Music, Video Games, Sewing, Photography, Reading, Comics,  much more!

Favorite Flower- Black roses (ok so their actually dark purple)

* Likes- Nice people, honest people, I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt so I meat them with a clean slate!

* Dislikes- Smokers (the smoking part, I still like some people that smoke, I just don't go near them when they are trying to kill themselves with that horrible nasty, vile, gross, well you get the picture), Cheaters, Lairs,  Bout it I try to be pretty open.

* Can I stalk you?- Ummm NO!!!! that's just weird!!!

* Ideal Guy- Someone who is sweet, Likes comics, Horror Movies, and will not cry if I beat him in Halo! wont call me Immature (because we all know I am!) Can handle the fact that I dress up (and act the part) can handle that I go to graveyards and have my friend (Love ya Rebecca!!!) take pic.s of me. (sorry I have strange hobbies. maybe that's why I am single)

* Favorite Video Games- Resident Evil, Silent Hill, DDR, Final Fantasy, Halo, Kareoke Revolution (because sometimes you just have to sing some Kareoke and act like you are tone deaf, this game is a riot!) A few others that escape me at the moment.

*  Favorite TV shows- Umm you mean that square box thing with those little people trapped in it?!? just kidding but when I get to watch TV I watch;, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy ( Sometimes one just needs that brainless humor!), Charmed, Teen Titans (yes I watch many cartoons) Gundam Seed, Smallville, random horror movies that are on!

* Favorite Movies- Ringu, Ju-On, LOTR trillogy, Star Wars (pretty much all of them),  Any Jackie Chan movie normally, Dawn of the Dead (the old one!!!!!!!, but the new one was pretty cool too), Most  M. Night Shyamalan's movies, (More just not enough room!!!)

* Latest Movies you saw-  The Village (thank you Rebecca for saving me that day and taking me to the movies! you rock girlie!) and Resident Evil 2 (again thanks Rebecca for going with me!)

* Favorite Music- HIM, Bella Morte, Cruxshadows, Voltaire, Bahaus, Inkubus Sukkubus Tapping the Vein, Medeival Babes, 12 Girls Band,  Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Morning Musume, Mini Moni, BoA, Puffy Ami Yumi (and a few more I have wide ranges in music)

* Why do you have a page about yourself!?!- well its not about me totally.  It's kinda a bordom get ridder of-er (yeah my umm, lovely talking). I make a lot of costumes and I take a lot of pic.s so I need somewhere to put them and my friends wanted to see what I do in my spare time.  Yeah I'm a geek I know!

                                                    I'll write more when I think of it!

 Not the best photo of me but it'll do for now!

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