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                    This is where I will be putting links of
whatever I deem cool or whatnot,
If you have a link that you would like
me to put up e-mail me and let me know.
More to come!!!

                                          Friends Pages;
                                                        Lullaby- Jennis page

                                     Local Stuff;
                                                                          The Comic Conspiracy- The Coolest Comic Shop!

                                                                 wonderful online community
                                                                                                       of some great people (im on there as                                                                  Star_Angel)

                                                Zombie Stuff
      - Im on here as Bella (use me as your reference if you join please!)  

                                                                                 Bella Morte- Wonderful Goth Band from      My hometown of Charlottesville, Va.   

                                                                                    In Tenebris- Another beautiful  
                                                                                                                    Goth Band from Va.

                                                                                The Cruxshadows- A completely   wonderful group!

Butterfly Messiah-  Amazing group!

Rasika- Great Local Greensboro band.