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                                            Cosplay / Costume

These are few of my Cosplay / Costume
photos click on the
small pic. to go to the gallery
Also check me out on
for other costumes not shown here!
I'll eventually get links up for galleries!
I've added a few pics from Animazement and
Anime Mid-Atlantic
Expect more after Otakon and Anime USA

                                         Comming soon- Autumn Fairy
                                     Rebeccas Renaissance Dress


                                                                           Cosplays for friends!

Comming Soon

Gundam Seed destiny- Commander Lacus
                                                     Fruit Baskets- Tohru Honda
                          Wa Lolita
                                                                     Gundam Seed Destiny- Blue Lacus Dress
                                      Macross- Minmay


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