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Emmy's blog
Saturday, 6 September 2003
Humm, Yay and Argh
Well I went and saw the nures Wednesday I have an outer ear infection and I ahve this spray thingy to be put in my ear 3 times a day for 7 day's if nothing improves I'm to go back. I was told I had whiteish green discharge lovely * roll's eyes*

I shall be going to see Spirted Away at Southampton, it shall be the club's first outing

Mum went to the doctor's she was told that she had to go to Southampton for test on her heart an annieogram and if they find something wrong they will fix it there and then. But I worried about her I know she hates doctor's but she told me she was sacred about going and if thgey do anything she'll be awake. I promised to be with her when they do the test and stuff.
I want to cry over this but I can't beucase it'll upset mum to know I'm upset and dad's upset over this as it is without me

I'm close to my mum more so then my dad really I don't want to lose her but what if I do what will I do I know I've said this before but I'll be at a loses I'm that close to her she like my ying to my yang you know. I was I wasn't so stubbon and felt I can handle everyhting without help I can't but I won't ask for help dammnit why can't I just talk to someone about this why do I write it in this thing here for people to see but won't talk to thoese I know and trust why won't I? I need to know this. I don't make senes at all do I?.
Still at least I have my flellow Clan meber's to keep me going my mates that I meet on Sailor Moon UK ec

Posted by blog/hyper_ronauk at 12:24 AM BST
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Wednesday, 3 September 2003
H8uh? what you say?

I've been nauthy I've not been blogging sot ot fill you in iwth waht's been happening

Thursday: Michal came over for his Birthday tea but he went home early as he said he didn't feel well. Anyway we got a phone message it was form Micahel saying he was been taken to hopstail so mum tell's me Bich and Elnor to saty at home I wear her down by been stubbon as hell deammneding we come, we do this was 100 pm. Dad came back from work adn joined us at around 1 am Micheal is then told at 2 am he will ahve to stay over night we go home and sleep.

Friday: Miceahl get's to come home I'm quite glad he's like family to mum, dad and me. Went to Brighton to get pressie non one brought anything came home droped off Bicth and Elenor in town we come home I start to cry over result's ( guess I'm more effected this year then I thought I'd be) don't want anyone to see me so I yell at mum and dad mum gives me hug and tell's me it's alright * look's at pig go over house*

Saturday and Sunday I locked myslef away Bich and Elenor are going home soon yay!

Cant' here out of left ear again not good only just got hearing back as well

Monday: Bicth went she wnet she went and Elenor went was sad over that mind you ( but cheered up when she got a nice text from her BF saying he loved her it's so sweet I tell you)

Still can't hear out of ear

Tuesday ( today) Went to Southsea wachted anime played video games all in all a good day.And I still can't hear it's driveing me nut's as I said to mum I now so respect deaf people now ( not that I didn't before I just have more) might go to Doctor's tomorrow willing go ot the doctors there's something you won't hear me err type often.

Boy meet's Boy webcomic good read now you

Posted by blog/hyper_ronauk at 1:30 AM BST
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Tuesday, 26 August 2003
I just had a quick talk with Sammy ( old mate form school) I'm planning to go see him come spetmeber at the school wearing my cat ear's mwha. I also got Lord of the Ring's The Two Tower's today so happy ^_^

Posted by blog/hyper_ronauk at 8:39 PM BST
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You have to downlaode these file's if you dislike townies

to nutty for word's

Posted by blog/hyper_ronauk at 1:37 AM BST
Updated: Tuesday, 26 August 2003 1:43 AM BST
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Sunday, 24 August 2003
Thrusday: Got GCSE result's they were really bad I cried becuase of them. However sliver linning I can do another coures and still become Midwife a yay! and before anyone ask why don't I just give up aftet 2 attpment's well easy why should I I know I can do this and I will ( and I have the stubbon strkie of the women in my family. Also before I go tmy result's I wen tinto MVM adn got the Endless Watlz DVD! so I wacted that went I got in. Went to se Cat's so preety guy tyhat played MR Magicalthingy was cute wanted to glomp him or bow down and worship him which ever I felt like doing but I didn't get to see as we left as soon as it it finshed

Firday: Dad's funday thingy all right bumper car's and trilling thingy's were great Watlzer I almost got wiplash becuase the guy kept trunning out cart around even when we scearmed at him not to cause Sahron to have astma attack I yelled at him to stop the bloody thing manged but now I'm thinking I did the wrong thing there hummm.... Went to Tarot reader very good she was Told me that I'd do some thing with children that was creative ^_^ adn that my hobby would be some to do wiht prefroming o_0 adn that I'd travle and see a side of my I didn't know I had or forgot I had, again 0_o played free DDR I got 56 combo's on BOOM BOOOM DOLLER after a few gopes on it. went on teh trerly thingy's again ( 4 time's) bummper car's adn I had candy floss ^____^

Saturday: Went to Brighton got my Love Hina Manga's fomr the shop got pocky, wen tot pier wiht Elnor and mum no dad or sahron waited 40 mintues for them they come along in the car saying we weren't there! they satyed on teh ohterside of the road to look for us not go on the pier Sharon then complan that she didn't go on the pier we pointed out that hasdd you lot looked for us you would have she sulked. REALLY benning to think I should have let her suffer on teh watzler thingy now. OFund out teh Azumnaga is comeing out in Septymeber will out order down soon also I have a feeling I'm addticed to the Weiss Kreuz music it good ( and another on has just come on yay!) Alsp I cheered when I read that Keitaro got into Tokyo U ( know's it's a manga but I was happy)
That's about it really

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* tear's due to laughter*

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Sound's lik me there

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Yes must falme I like fire no wait I don't

Posted by blog/hyper_ronauk at 2:09 PM BST
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Thursday, 21 August 2003
MtEm blow's
Today let's see went to Madstone to see Jo's grave ( great just what I wanted 3-4 hours car trip) was ratty wiht dad becuase he went the wonrg way in bad mood becuase of that. Sharon kept winding mum up nownormal I'd let it go but yesterday she was hold two heart valves were not working propply so she had to have no stress. Sharone did the follwoing to mum

> Trousers weren't right for her

>Played about wiht cramra when mum was talking to her

>Messed about with the grave ( she kneeled downnot bad , but we have problem's with JO's brother's and sister's ( not Sharon's dad mind you) If they saw us they would have started a fight right there and there you see Sahron would not move when told to as mum was getting borthered)

> Complained she couldn't ahve an ice cream

> trousers again

By now we're getting home mum's getting more borthered I see this trun around in the car and say to her

" What's your age again?"

Sahron: 26

" Well you could have fooled me I thought you were 2 grow up, And if you make mum ill i will make the rest of your life HELL DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!??"

this caused her and Elenor to give me and mum the slinet treamanet beucase Elenor told mum I should not have yelled, mum said I was in my right.
When we get home they won['t talk to me so I go in the garden sitting mum tell's me it's alright adn I trun and say that I don't care they are just people I can think more now wihtout them talking to me. I think I scared mum by my lack of emiomtn's

They now are talking to mum but not me and they can just PISS OFF both of them I don't care for them anymore really.

IN other news I get my reslut's tomorrow for my GCSE's wish me lukc ( this is Em saying I so know I've falied them)

Posted by blog/hyper_ronauk at 12:21 AM BST
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Monday, 18 August 2003
She is an idoit she goes to a flower shop and say's

" Are there any flower that don't smell"

Mum may land in hopstail now thanks to her

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I speack with my sanity when I say I should hope so too I mean forget the age thing there's his whioole " bat for other team" thing he has 0_o

Posted by blog/hyper_ronauk at 8:13 PM BST
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Must not kill
Is it wrong to want to kill someone I mean Sharon is widing me up the way she laught's 5-10 second behind everyone eles or when I laugh she laugh's and please don't get me stared on her manner's she eat;'s wiht her finger's I mean she's 26 year's old and eat's like a baby still * get's voodoo sharoon doll, trun's it up side down and bang's the head againt's the desk* she's makeing mum ill as well mum now sleep walk's whihc she only does when she is stressed must reist's killing urges.

Get my GCSE reuslt's on Thursday I know I've done bad I just do but then I could just be plain old borthred by them

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Posted by blog/hyper_ronauk at 12:57 PM BST
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Sunday, 17 August 2003
This shall be my public blog so my firend's can read it.

I've been planning cosplay's today and what I shall be doing also plotting to borrow a Navi ona Stick and going up toi people going look listen wiht it at Aya mwha

Quiz Time

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What I got to show some people

Bai for now then

Posted by blog/hyper_ronauk at 11:27 PM BST
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