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Friday, 9 March 2007

Mood:  party time!
The garage door guy was here. He took some of the panels off and saw the "condensation" inside. I told him I think water is getting into the garage door when it rains. Said he would call the manufacturer and see if he could replace some of the sections. Recommended putting Vaseline on the rubber seal to prevent it from sticking. Talked to the neighbor the other night and he said he also has problems with his door retaining water and freezing in the winter. We will see.... It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!

Posted by blog/homefront at 6:15 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 10 March 2007 8:03 AM EST
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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Got the tags for both autos today. Now all I have to do is remember to put them on.

Posted by blog/homefront at 8:13 PM EST
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Wednesday, 7 March 2007
...and the plot thickens
Mood:  don't ask
I called HL today and found out it will cost me $235 to close out my HL accounts. I'm to the point where I could leave the money there without fee, if you market doesn't drop too much. I need 50,000 in ira and I have 50,200. I have to have over 20,000 in my individual account and I have 20,300. So for right now I wouldn't incur the $75 fee for the individual account and the 35 fee for the ira. Don't know what to do. Should I go ahead and move the money and spend the 235 or should I risk just leaving the money there and hope the markets stay up. I don't want to add any more to any of those accounts. If I wanted the money in something else I would move the money to Fidelity in a heartbeat. Decisions, Decisions.

I call Moheny today about the garage, the guy is coming friday at 1600

Posted by blog/homefront at 6:48 PM EST
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Tuesday, 6 March 2007
Money Choices
Mood:  quizzical
I opened a cash reserve account at Fidelity today. They gave me a # of a person that will call and discuss my accounts. I told them I was thinking of switching my HL money over to them. They said they can manage all the accounts but to call HL to see how much the close out fee is. The Fidelity guy said all my funds had loads (that is how HL makes their money). I'm thinking of putting the ROTH money into the fidelity value fund. Not sure yet. I'm also thinking of putting the 40,000 at Fidelity in a money market or 3 month cd (paying 5.0 at this time). What do you think? Just click the comment section below this message to respond.

Posted by blog/homefront at 8:53 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 6 March 2007 8:53 PM EST
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Monday, 5 March 2007

Hey, my license renewal finally arrived. Let's hear it for the BMV!!!!. It came today (3/5) and has to be in there hands by 3/6. Duh, don't think the mail can get there that fast. Since time is limited, I renewed online. According to the website, I should receive my tags in 1 to 3 WEEKS. Okay, so lets look at this, Today is 3/5, I will be driving on outdated tags a/o 3/15. Hmmm, what are the chances I'll get them my the time my old ones are expired. I printed the receipt and will carry that with me until I get the tags. This is the 3rd straight month the Indiana BMV is behind with mailing the renewal applications. I also had to change the insurance info. It still had amfam as the insurance.

I've been researching where to put my Roth money this year. I'm torn between an index fund or etf. I saw my husband went with the etf, so I'll probably will get an index fund. I'm also no sure which company to use. I'll either choose Fidelity or Vanguard. Guess both are find. Which ever I choose, I want to move all me retirement plans and stocks to one firm. If any one has a viewpoint just leave a comment at the end of this entry, (post a comment)

Did you hear the Secretary of the Army Francis Harvey resigned (got fired is more like it). Harvey asked the guy below him to resign, then Gates said you are the top man so out you go. Now there are troops telling their horror stories about Walter Reed. Now people are saying, well Walter Reed was suppose to be the BEST care available. Now someone is calling for a study of other VA facilities.

Posted by blog/homefront at 4:11 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 5 March 2007 6:34 PM EST
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Sunday, 4 March 2007
Yes Dear, The Smoke Alarms Do Take Batteries
Mood:  cheeky
Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a nap, I don't normally do this because we all know how cranky I get upon awakening. I drifted off and then Archie came over and licked my face and I immediately knew some was wrong. Faintly, I could hear a chirping from the basement. Yes you guessed it, the battery needed to be replaced in the smoke detector. First, I needed to find a ladder, no problem. Second, remove the offending battery to stop the noise. PROBLEM. The sound did not stop with the removal of the battery. I quickly descended the ladder, ascended the stairs to retrieve a fresh 9-volt battery. PROBLEM. I can't find a 9-volt battery. Quick stop at the rest room and off I would go to the CVS. PROBLEM. Archie is scared and is sitting on my feet while I'm in the facilities. Guess the chirping sound reminds him of his invisible fence. I kept pushing him away so I could complete my task (the lu). Off to the store I go, in the snow to the CVS. Boy batteries are expensive. Got home, changed the battery and all is well.

There is something that I haven't said, and I feel it is time to address this topic. I am proud of my husband for his bravery in these hard times. Just when it looked like he was finally going to get the life he deserves, life through him another curve ball. I know he is really the one who is suffering and I appreciate the man he has become. I know growing up he never received the "atta boys" that the rest of us received from our parents. It has been a struggle for him and I hope he realizes that it isn't what others think of us that is important. It is how we view ourselves that is the key. we can't control others, we only have control over one person in this life. But isn't it nice to know that you do have the support of family and friends. I'm proud of you Brian!!!

Let me know if you want me to make any changes to my blog. I can change the format, color, etc.. to make easier to read.

Posted by blog/homefront at 10:05 AM EST
Updated: Sunday, 4 March 2007 10:15 AM EST
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Saturday, 3 March 2007

Guess what I woke up to this morning! The good news is that I don't have to go anywhere. Read some emails last night and heard some of the group is at there final destination. Said they were really tired.

Posted by blog/homefront at 10:07 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, 10 March 2007 8:25 AM EST
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Friday, 2 March 2007

I didn't know Suze Orman was gay, not that there is anything wrong with that. She was being interviewed and they asked if she was married, she responded that she has been with her "partner" for 9 years. Why am I always the last to know! I found a big box at the front door yesterday. I just opened it up tonight. I'm going to try to include some pictures of what happened when it was opened. First Archie wanted to take a good look inside.

Now for another look

Archie makes a selection, a washcloth

Archie comes back for the towel

Brian, just try to get it back

Posted by blog/homefront at 6:59 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 10 March 2007 8:23 AM EST
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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Mood:  a-ok
First Entry
I decided just to start my journal today. I'll briefly re-hash January and February as I see fit. January, I was just in the state of shock. He left on January 8th and I don't know when our paths with cross again. Let's just move on from there. Cold Cold Cold is about all I have to say for the rest of January, and most of February. As of February 21, we had only 2 days above 30. What is with that! February was not a good month, and I'm glad it is over. It was a month of no heat, snowstorms, car problems and that ongoing garage problem (gotta get that thing fixed). Archie won't eat he breakfast or his apple. Four days later he was eating both. Don't know what was going on with that.
March 1, 2007
I have the most interesting patient. I'll call him......Dave. Dave spent 4 years in the Coast Guard and said he doesn't regret one minute of it. Here is his story. Dave did he basic training at Cape May, NJ. He said they had to train often in something called a "surf boat". Don't know what that is but from what I gathered, they had to row it (NO MOTOR). Dave said he never saw another surf boat after basic. Dave went to radar school in New London and a billet became available on a 180ft weather vessel. He went south and spent the next 4 months going to and fro from San Juan to the West Indies (or somewhere like that), until one day a wave from Hurricane Donna split the hull open. He said the limped to the nearest port and they decommissioned her on the spot. He sat around for a short time and received word that a 83ft boat needed a radar man in St Thomas. He said it was a wood hull boat that had been built for the Normandy invasion (we all know the Coast Guard got the castoffs of the other branches). He said since the boat would sit high in the water it could do about 56mph (don't remember knots) He said they did lots of patrols and had a big auto gun on the pt type boat. Dave said the Navy was jealous at their speed and agility. He really liked that boat and has Coast Guard stuff all over his living room. Every 6 month the would have to go to San Juan and put it in dry dock. He said they would close the gates, pump out the water and start cleaning scrubbing painting everything. Dave said when they pumped the water out of the dry dock, native worker would bring sacks to scoop up all the fish. They kept them in coolers on the dock until it was time to go home. Later, Dave had a difficult assignment (haha). The skipper did not want to be the harbor guy for the boaters. He gave the job to Dave. They were on "tropical hours", which I guess means they got off early afternoons. He would ride his motorcycle to the harbor and search for vessels stickers. He would then ask to board the vessels and do safety checks, have some coffee, meet some since people, fill out some paperwork and go home for the day. When I asked Dave why he didn't reup, he said his next duty station would either be in Alaska or an ice breaker in Boston. He loved the warm weather so he got out. During this time he also married, his wife didn't like St Thomas because she felt landlocked (8mi x 12mi). Before joining the USCG, he worked at the post office in Indy. He moved back to IN and returned to his old job. His eyes still light up when he talks about her (the boat). I wonder if his eyes lit up like that when he talked about his wife. Don't know if she is dead or alive, we didn't discuss it.

Posted by blog/homefront at 8:35 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 1 March 2007 9:00 PM EST
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Monday, 8 January 2007

Mood:  blue
Topic: The 1st day
January 8, 2007. Today you left. Good-byes are the hardest...enough said.

Posted by blog/homefront at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Sunday, 4 March 2007 10:13 AM EST
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