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The Weather in the Seasons




A WebQuest for Kickin Kindergartners




Designed by: Heather Potuk


based on the Metro-Nashville standards for Kindergarten













Have you ever heard the word seasons and wondered what that was? What are seasons? Why do we have seasons? What makes the weather change during each season? Well we are going on a quest to find out! Follow the directions to find out this information and more ☺



·        Be able to tell the differences between the seasons     

·        Know how each season affects the weather

·        Make a picture book of the seasons (in correct order) and write at least one sentence for each season.

·        Pick your favorite season, make it on the site, and give one or more interesting facts about it




Click on the  and answer the question

1. List the 4 seasons in order.


2. Match the word with the picture.


3. There is a reason we have seasons. Draw a picture showing why it is sometimes cold and other times hot.


4. Write and illustrate a book about the seasons. (Note: Make sure the seasons are in order!)


5. Pick your favorite season. Write down one or more facts about that season. (Example: My favorite season is ________ because this is when the flowers bloom.) Next make that season from this website.




4 Seasons

All 4 season written down in order

All season written down but 2 are mixed up

All the seasons written down but not in any order

Some seasons are written down

What you must have



Matched all 4 seasons correctly

Matched 2 seasons correctly

Matched 1 season correctly

No seasons matched correctly

What you must have




Earth Drawing

Has the Sun, & Earth drawn and labeled correctly. Earth doing what it should be doing (tilt)

Has the Sun & Earth drawn correctly. Earth doing what it should be doing. (tilt)

Has the Earth drawn, no Sun. Earth doing what is should be doing (tilt)

May or may not have Sun. Earth is drawn but nothing doing what it should be doing (tilt)

What you must have



The book has all 4 seasons, in correct order, and proper facts. Illustrated

-Book has 4 seasons with facts not in correct order. Illustrated


-Book has 4 seasons in order but not correct facts. Illustrated

Book has 4 seasons but not in correct order and may or may not have correct facts. Illustrated

Book does not have enough seasons and wrong facts.

What you must have







Congratulations! You have completed “The Weather in the Seasons” WebQuest! You are a season expert. You may now fill out the certificate.


You may do these activities during free time and continue to learn more facts about the seasons. Look forward to the next WebQuest, “Weather, Weather, Everywhere!”