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I am a 23 year old female living in Cadillac Michigan. I am a laid back kinda girl that LOVES to have fun. I'm the kinda girl that can dress up and go to a black tie affair, or throw on some jeans and hit the strip clubs with the guys. I enjoy reading, drawing, designing clothes, horseback riding, writing, video games, music, surfing the net, going to the club, dancing, movies, sports, and much more. I am 5'8", I have medium length light brown hair with natural blond highlights, hazel eyes, I am thick in build, and have a great smile. I am currently attending Baker college studying Graphic Communications. I am inmy first year of Graphic Communications, but I also studied Early Childhood Education. I found that ECE was not challenging enough for me though. So I changed my major. I am just starting this page so bear with me. I will have this thing up and running in no time, but right now it's early in the A.M and I'm tired so I'll be back to finish this.