Hello! Always a pleasure. I'm Amanda and since I'm so conceded I decided to make a web page all about me! Well, not all about me, I'll include some nifty incite into some of my interests, too, like links and photographs and such.

Okay, so here goes nothing. I haven't made a web site since I was thirteen so you'll have to excuse my simplicity. But sometimes simplest is best!

Okay, so here goes nothing. I haven't made a web site since I was thirteen so you'll have to excuse my simplicity. But sometimes simplest is best! Now for the ever boring bio but what site is complete without it?

I was born in West Virginia (no jokes please) and lived there until I was, well, thirteen. I have a sister and I live with my mother and father. After WV I moved to Maryland where I lived and loved for a year. Might I interject that I love Maryland? Thought you should know. After that I moved to Arizona. We drove here...yeah, it did suck. We had a collie dog in the back and two restless cats with us. Lets just say I spent most of the trip sleeping and leave it at that.
Upon arrival in Arizona I seriously thought that we had driven into Hell. I'm not kidding. It was a blistering 120 degrees and not a tree in sight. Nearly had a heat attack. At the time I was in the eighth grade so shocked me out of my pants when I realized there were things called 'trends'. I mean, I grew up in WV, like I knew what was 'trendy' and I still really don't care. The girls here wore low rise pants and tight little shirts and they are ALL abnormally skinny. I thought the place was diseased or something. Rather sickened mean. I've grown to love the wonders of low rise pants but the tight shirt thing? No. I'm not a large person but still the thought of having something clinging that closely to my skin makes me flinch. How could anyone be comfortable in those 'shirts'? I mean, aren't they worried that they'll fall out or something? Anyway, not the point.
So, into high school I go. Wowser, that was a shock to the system. I was promptly labelled a tomboy and unsuitable for the crowds. Did that phase me? Not a bit. I'm a friendly person with a strong personality so making friends worth talking to was no sweat. I joined the band (yes, I know...what a geek) and loved every minute of it. Met my boyfriend in band but I'll get to that later. So, I play the bassoon and am not half bad at it but definitely not prof quality, I'm working on that though. So blah blah blah...etcetcetc. Sophmore year I start dating this guy named Todd. He's so incredibly sweet and charming but that ended before it ever began. I kind of regret that. The same year a young man named Brian moves to town. Let me just say that I fell in love (twice) and lost. He was my best friend but I never talk to him now. Too absorbed with Kris...anywhos. Junior year...loose two boyfriends that year but hey, who cares? Brian and I are now really close friends and I would do anything for him (I get over that somewhere down there). We try the dating thing but it doesn't work (poop) but we stayed good friends for a while after that.
Also that year I was the drum major of the band. Might I say that it was so fantastic that I would do it again in an instant. A lot of other crap happened that year but it's just a bunch of drama that I don't even care about. So, finally...WOOHOO!! SENIOR YEAR!! Here is where I run into my new boyfriend, Chico. *smiles* He was a drummer in the band my first two years of high school but he graduated and I hadn't really seen him since. My best friend, Susie, was friends with him though and they were spending a LOT of time together (think perverted here people). So, I swoop in and wisk him away from here and now we've been dating nearly a year. He's so sweet. Off that note, Brian and I no longer speak *sniffle* and I am the official 'friend whore'. Don't ask, I don't get it either. Something about me not being able to stand people for very long. Anyway...
Now on to my interests!!
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