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 Welcome to The DooNut Project. This site has nothing to do with donuts or doo huts. We just thought it would be a witty name. This site has one purpose. To explore the possibilities of a two-person blog. These two people are Hazel McGrath (13) and Gerard McEwen (15). Both from Port Glasgow, both with an interest in music, both from the same school, St. Stephen's High School and both single ;).


The DooNut Project

"My big TV Debut!" 6/1/02
Entry by Hazel McGrath

Gerard still hasn't used the DooNut yet. AND EVERYONE, WATCH ITN NEWS TONIGHT @ 6. I will be on it ordering a baked potato. With cheese. The camera should then zoom into my baked potato. I'll probably get soooo excited then be soooo let down because they edited me out. But still, I MIGHT be on TV. And I'm EXCITED! And another thing I'm happy about is, there are THREE new Tony Shoebox gig dates! Strawberry Fields, Nice and Sleazys and Lava Loung. The last two are under 18s and I probably won't be allowed to go but I'm still happy for my tonies :D. The first one, Strawberry Fields, is in Glasgow (as is Nice and Sleazys), Tony Shoebox have played there before and their last gig there was simply superb. I was so proud of my tonies I cried all the way home on the bus. Upsettingly excellent are what Tony Shoebox are, for me anyway. MUST GET GERARD TO POST THE DOONUT THE LAZY C**T.

"The Blog Begins" 2/1/02
Entry by Hazel McGrath

Blog dearest, I love thee and all the shit yah mon. It begins! Yoohoo, Gerard? Where are yoo? He seems to be offline. He likes to refer to himself as Ged but I like to refer to him as Gerard considering that is his real name. He's got an awful thing for WordArt, I have no idea where it came from but it appeared. I have another site, a little similar to this one, you might have heard of it, it's called I am also the owner of, Tony Shoebox's ONLY fansite.. I think. Each site I am relatively proud of, but this one is quite sweet. The DooNut Project, what an excellent name. It was mostly Gerard that thought it up, it was my idea to make a joint site and I looked for the template. Groovy Lizard is smashing. I doubt Gerard will like the site, it's got pink bits. He might freak out. Hmmm.. I want to make a site about the sixties, I want to make a site about cows.. hmmm.. yeah. Must make sure Gerard has access to the DooNut.

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