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Underneath are a list of
testimonies given by our
customer's families

"My little brother Albert
always wanted to go to space.
He would always be playing
with spaceships in his room.
When he died of choking on a
spaceship, I cried for hours
thinking how he would never be
able to go to space, but now i know
that he can. The West Burial Services
has give him the chance to do what he
always wanted to do...Explore the cosmos".

-The Rodriguez family

"Sarah loved the stars. Even when
she was dying of breast cancer in her
room she would always prop herself up when
she was strong enough to gaze outside
her window at the beautiful, twinkling lights
When she finally passed away, we decided to use
this service. It's fast, and its a great way
to fufill your loved one's desires."

-The Carpenter family

"My grandpa was a pilot. He fought
against the Zoinkard oppresive goverment
in 2310 and won many battles with medals.
Whenever I talked to him he would always
tell me how much he loved space, how he
loved the peace and the ability to gaze out
in the eternal lights of the universe
and drift along, peacefully along the curve
of unknown planets. He loved space, just the
same way seamen loved the sea, and so we
gave him his dying wish; an eternity in

-The Spaceman family

"My husband was a great husband. He
always supported out family even when
the times got rough. He also loved
flying. He always aspired to be a
space marine but never made it due
to his injured back. I gave him his
hope to visit space in the end."

-The Hobo family

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