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The infamous A-56E is the standard transport ship for our services

Our ship will bring your loved one in a coffin of
your choosing (below) and deposit him or her far away from the
gravitaional pull of any planet so your loved one will not be deposited
on a random planet, but drift on in eternity in the cosmos. The
A-56E was designed for military use but was declined due to instability,
but in un-violent situations the ship flies as "good as a flying boat."
a pilot comments. The ship will then use the computer to find a drop
point outside of gravitational pull, find a direction of ejecting
coffins without any interference for at least
10 million years, then will drop out the coffin with about 300 miles of
speed. Calculations indicated that your coffin will reach the outside of
the solar system in about 500 years. This whole process takes about
3-5 days and the process is safe for both the pilot and
your loved one's remains.

The A-56E uses standard weapons grade plutonium at about 1 kg
per hour, and the cost for this fuel is at a rather cheap $15,346 per
barrel (about 10 kg).

You have the choice of deploying the coffin 100,000 miles away from
earth for $18,000 or 200,000 miles for $30,000
The pilots are naturally responsible, trustworthy freelance workers
and will accept the cost of the fuel plus the fee for the distance traveled
away from the earth

Here is a list of the strong, durable coffins that you may
use for space burial

  • Coffin$230
  • Coffin$300
  • Coffin$390
  • $500

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