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Final Fantasy 8
Basic Storyline

In a time of both sophisticated technology and powerful
magic, an evil sorceress corrupts the world's largest
military power through manipulation and deception, enslaving
mankind to do her bidding. Her goal is not something as simple
as world domination; but to completely conquer all of space and time.

To counter the turn of events, various leaders head combat training
schools, known as Gardens, that turn out elite fighting forces. Known as
SeeDs, they defend, serve, and protect humankind from the sorceress. The sole
purpose of these academies is to vanquish the sorceress and save humanity as
we know it, although they take many other assignments for the right price.

A small, loose-knit group of SeeD graduates find themselves wrapped in a much
bigger endeavor than simple military combat. Now, a gunblade specialist,
together with a diverse group of young heroes, must set aside his fears, face
the emotions he's run from, and become the leader that he never wanted to be.

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