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Final Fantasy 7
Basic Storyline

A giant energy manufacturing company known as Shinra Inc. is harvesting
the sheer life energy of the Planet as a simple fossil fuel. Processed and
made into products known as Mako and Materia, these materials can work
miracles, granting the wisdom of the Ancients to the user. However, this
substance, like all other fuels, is finite in supply, and the Planet's lifeforce
is being malevolently drained by the constant explotation of Mako by Shinra.
Though aware of the harmful effects, they function without remorse.

However, the real battle lies not with a corporation, but a force much more
competent from the distant past. A long-thought dead warrior bent on becoming
more and more powerful, coupled with the Planet's drained energy, threatens the
very existence of everything sacred.

Now a small rebel group eminating from the slums must quell the various dangers
toward the innocent, and one mercenary for hire must look amidst the lies and
deception and find the man he is within.

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