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Final Fantasy 6
Basic Storyline

1000 years ago, the War of the Magi decimated
most of the world's technology and all known magic.

Today, technology has made an impressive and remarkable
comeback, popping up almost everywhere on the face of civilization.
The reigning Empire remains at war with various rebel factions,

causing unrest among the related parties. Nonetheless, the
world is striving successfully to rebuild itself from the perils of War.
However, the Empire has grown curious and power-hungry for the ancient
power known only as "magic". Their leader and a slightly insane general
crave this power, and are willing to destroy anything that comes in their
way. With the finding of an ancient Esper, a seemingly vital source of
"magic", the Empire is poised to take full control of this mysterious power.
Several warriors, from all walks of life, must band together despite their
differences in order to save the world from one who would conquer it, and
who would destroy it.

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