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Final Fantasy 5
Basic Storyline

The entire cycle of life in the world is bound by four
crystals, each providing their own source of power to mankind,
from the wind blowing across lands to water flowing across seas,
giving life, to burning hot fires to the very earth itself.
The binding force of these beautiful crystals not only gives off
this power, but imprisons a much more devastating force away from
the world. However, the power given off by these crystals has slowed
considerably. Keeping with ancient prophecies, a sudden brutal meteor
strikes rain over the landscape, causing the crystals to immiently
shatter. The result cuts off the magical forces of the elements. Worse
yet, as the crystals explode one by one, the very vile, evil force the
crystals were made to restrain is released.
A unlikely group of warriors, from a princess to a pirate, to a young warrior
to a wise old man, must find the courage and strength through the powers of
the crystals and the trials they encounter in order to save not one world, but two.

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