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Final Fantasy 4
Basic Storyline

The Red Wings, a once honorable forthcoming military unit wielding powerful
majestic airships, has been commanded by the kingdom of Baron to snare and
obtain the magical Crystals of Earth by any means necessary. The head of the
Red Wings, a highly ranked Dark Knight, is demoted for questioning the barbaric
nature of these attacks. Confused and astonished at this unorthodox action, he
questions his loyalty. Meanwhile, the world is slowly being engulfed in monster
attacks for an unknown reason. And elsewhere, a being slowly manipulates the
others for his own ends, masterminding every move, while others who know the
truth await a hero's arrival, a holy knight to bring truth to the prophecies of old.

Thus begins the legendary journey of Cecil and his companions. Together with his friends,
both new and old, one man vows to cast away the darkness within his soul in order to find
the truth long denied him and to defeat the greatest evil of all.

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