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Our Staff

Our staff is made up of (from left to right)

Meriadoc Brandybuck
Frodo Baggins
Perigrin Took
Samwise Gamgee

The Founder of West Burial Services
is Frodo Baggins.

Frodo graduated from Harvard with
a doctorate degree, and was
depressed at the pain that
was brought onto people
when they saw dead bodies
in the ground

He decided to found this
organization on July 2456 to
find a better way to
take care of bodies, and so
he created West Burial Services

He is supported by his strong
group of ace pilots and rich friends
He currently lives in New Zealand
at an undisclosed location

Merry, Sam, and Pippin all are
ace pilots and veterans of the
clone wars, and have all received
medal of honors by their heroic deeds
in the war

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