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Hi Everyone!

My name is Fox and this is my online photo journal that documents all of my travels.

Foxes live in various environments and we are often referred to as sly and cunning. I'm not sure about the sly and cunning part, but I love to travel all over the planet!

Did you know most foxes live on their own, but sometimes associate in social groups. I'm a solitary guy who usually travels alone, but every once and a while I like to get down and party with a few hundred of my closest friends.

Foxes eat rodents, birds and reptiles. But we also eat berries, grapes and all sorts of fruit. I'm a little weird for a fox since I prefer human food and can often be found in restaurants.

Young foxes are usually being born between March and April, a female fox typically gives birth to two to eight young, which are born after being carried for about 50 days. When I'm done globetrotting, I want to settle down and have 20 or 30 kits, pups or whatever you humans call our young.

Anyway, hope you like my photos. Drop an email to me and if you are lucky, I'll stop by for a visit.

Happy travels!


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