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1. Racism, Sexism, and Relgion bashing is not allowed.
2. You may not post links to shock pictures such as tubgirl and This will lead to an instant IP ban.
3. Nudity must have artistic, political, literary, or scientific value. All images that do not comply with this rule will be removed from the forum.
4. Please keep vulgar words to a minimum, overusing words like shit, bitch, etc. will result in censorship so try not to use it more than a few times in any sentence.
5. Avatars and Signatures must not contain nudity. We have a nice avatar selection including many different anime and a picture of Pai Mei from Kill Bill. If you are looking for another avatar that's not on our list you can go to, they have a large avatar selection. After you find an avatar you will need a host, is a good image host.
6. Keep signatures to a small size. Signatures that are too large will be removed. Ask me or a moderator if your signature is too large.
7. Please keep spam to a minimum.

Rules are Subject to Change

If you have any questions you can PM me, admin, on the forum or send me an e-mail at