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Weekly and SPECIAL Drawings

There are SIX kinds of Prizes/Contests

This weeks drawing will be held on Mar. 21st

This SPECIAL drawing is for SCHOOL'S OUT!! Lots of stuff for your fun summer vacation! Be drawn May 25th.

UnScRaMbLe-_-ew eend a psornso revy abydl! lwudo uyo ikle ot eb ti? oinmeal bhnyeoz! First Place-Pizza and a hotdog- Second Place- bottle of water

Writing Contest--No more than 2,500 words. No less than 250 words. ANY TOPIC! send stories to whyyoudoddis.

LOTTERY!! Go to honeyzb's shop and buy a jelly worth 1,500np.

Click to see what you win Ends May 1st

If you have a BIRTHDAY, then please neomail me, honeyzb, and tell me the date. Also put it on the guild calendar.

To receive a newbie pack go to my trades!My Trades

To donate items Click Here

All people on the guild council will receive 250np a month! All on sub-council will receive 150np a month

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