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The Life of a Teenage Declan and Media Obsessed Girl
Saturday, 15 May 2004
Listening to: The usual crap! At the mo, Ant and Dec - Better Watch Out
Watching: Anything but the Eurovision!

I dont know what to say really! lol, I'm on work ex this week (and next week) It's been great! I really love it and I dont wanna go bk to school :'(

Ant and Dec finished so now I'm having to watch old stuff they have done! I'm starting from my oldest vid of them (psyche) and working forward!I'm up to watching Ant and Dec unzipped (watched Psyche, Top Katz and now unzipped)

Anyway, better run!
Catch ya later!
Steph x

Posted by blog/england_rules at 8:43 PM BST
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Tuesday, 6 April 2004
Look at the dancing monkeys!!!!
Listening to: No Doubt, Ant and Dec, The Darkness, Blur, Maroon 5 Watching: Nothing (wow!)

Hiya! Ain't wrote for a while, I'm waiting for a game to load (Which takes about 10 years with my connection speed so I decided to write on here!

It's Easter! Which means I get two weeks off school! Yay! That games loaded now but I'll finish off here first. I've been watching lots of Ant and Dec with their new series of Takeaway! and watched the dvd from the second series. I cant wait until saturday as they are gonna get Jonathan Wilkes with The Ploppies! which is soo cool, I want the little ploppies beanies that Ant had when he played Blockbusters! The dancing monkeys are to do with Ant and Dec and all, they did an Undercover last year with Gorrilas that weren't really Gorillas and after they'd been in the cage with the gorillas, the gorillas started dancing Dec was going 'Look at the dancing monkeys, Ant look!' and clapping thinking they where real gorillas when they where men in suits!!!

Anyway better go!
Steph x

Posted by blog/england_rules at 10:02 PM BST
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Friday, 26 March 2004
Hallo Hallo Hallo!
Listening to: Pj and Duncan..., Maroon 5, No Doubt and The Darkness.
Watching: The computer screen like it the most interesting thing ever.

My god I'm bloody bored, how come I only write on here when I'm bored or angry. No-one is on msn! Ok so that a lie, some random year 8, Nath and sum1 else whos name I cant remember and I;ve talked to once if that are on. Hmmm no-one to talk to then.
Nothing much has happened today, really. SOO BORED!!! Now I've started to experiment with some simple html. Hmmm experimenting is the best word for it... Right need sum help here! Ah ha found a file. Neat.

I quite proud of meself now! I feel clever! haha Not often that happens, lol!

Still listening to Pj and Duncan, oh dear... I'm soo going crazy! Takeaway is on tomorrow night looks like its gonna be a good show.

Right how do I make links... Google uk YES!!! Getting the hang of this!!!

Oooh yeah! I'm pretty happy now I've got the hang of that! Simple things, simple minds! Chuffed to bits! Still experementing ? wow! Colour? Yay colour!!

Decide now!
I luv aad
I hate aad

This is WICKED!!!! and now my 2nd fave ant and dec song has come on!!!

Complete this;
Let's Get Ready to

Sorry a just a little bit crazy. Dont feel like the adverge idiot anymore! I feel quite clever! Well I suppose its not really that hard.

I luv Ant and Dec because:

  1. They are funny
  2. They are cute
  3. I am obsessed!!

Anyway... I better go its quite late!!! Will play around with this more another time..! One last link... Go there and laugh!! Laughter is the most important thing in life! A world without laughter is a world without happiness. And a world without happiness Is an evil world!!!
Lots of luv
Steph x

Posted by blog/england_rules at 11:00 PM GMT
Updated: Friday, 26 March 2004 11:10 PM GMT
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Saturday, 20 March 2004
I'm sooo bored!!!

Watched Ant and Dec's saturday night takeaway just. Great stuff! I still love it! It keeps me laughing and for a whole hour the time seems to fly by.

Now, I'm soo fucking bored. I just dunno what to do. I would watch the video of Ant and Dec's last ever SM:tv live, that came in the post this morning but I watched about 10 mins of it, up to just after postbag had been on and it set me off! I was almost in tears and it takes a LOT to make me cry. So now what am I gonna do?

I've got an idea! I'm gonna go and put that Radio Times cover of Dec on my pinboard! Wow, I write this much and it gives me an idea!

I'm gonna go do that now!
Cya later!
Steph x

Posted by blog/england_rules at 9:43 PM GMT
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Monday, 8 March 2004
I just realised sumthink, Ant and Dec are my comfort, they're been there since I was 10. (i think 10 or 11) and now I'm 15 and all the time while I've been growing up they've been on telly and around my life. I can just sit down and watch them and forget everything. There not like any1 else they don't annoy me or piss me off or upset me. They only comfort me.

Lots of things (ok ppl!) annoy me and piss me off at the moment its Becca... (Its ALWAYS becca) I've been ignoring her/avoding her today mainly because shes self centred and doesnt think about anything but herself. Shes offended Megan and me (i'm always doing sumthing wrong...!) today and it really pissed me off. She just sits on her own up the corner sulking and acting depressed and waiting 4 ppl to come over to her and see whats up and if ppl do go she just tells them to 'fuck off'. There are a lot of ppl in this world who are a hell of a lot worse off than her but she can't see it it's just "me, me, me" she should and try and care 4 sum1 else for a change.

Woah that was a lot to get off my chest! Would talk more mindless, comforting crap about Ant and Dec but it seems to spoil the mood so I shall go now. Goodbye
Steph x

Posted by blog/england_rules at 10:07 PM GMT
Updated: Saturday, 20 March 2004 9:45 PM GMT
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Sunday, 7 March 2004
6 days til Takeaway!!!
Started fretting already! U see I'm going London next weekend and I gonna MISS the first takeaway of the new series! I was finking last week "what if the video doesn't work?" but I thought thats ok i'll set up 2 videos. Now I've started finking "what if the electric goes off?" now I'm worrying!!! What if I miss it?! AHHHH! All these 'what if's' are getting me no where!

Anyway, life is pretty good at the moment, tests finished the only think I've got to do is english hw and the only thing I av to worry about is coffee revels! I dont like them u see.

Better go now do that english work and Dad's just chucked me off-line, well, I av been on all day!!!
I'll write more later
Steph x

Posted by blog/england_rules at 7:56 PM GMT
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Sunday, 29 February 2004
I think I'm in love...!
Hello, U better keep quiet coz I'm menna be revising 4 science... God I h8 exams! I am revising kinda but not really, seeing as I am writing this.

Its my birthday tomorrow! (As my friends know I've been telling them all week!)I know what I'm getting off my 'rents a dvd/video player. I dunno what my friends are getting me apart from Faye but I dont fink her prezzie 4 me 'as come yet. I'm gonna be 15... ooooh, now I can watch 15 movies (ha like I dont already!)

The title thing, the only thing I'm in love with is Declan, maybe I'm just obsessed... or a little bit of both.

Takeaway (4 every1 who doesnt live in the UK and/or lives in a hole in the ground far away from a tv set, 'Takeaway' or 'Ant and Dec's saturday night takeaway' is the best tv programme in the world, is shown on ITV1 and has won millions of awards) starts on the 13th March. The bad thing about that is that I am goin to 'London darhing' for that weekend and will miss the first show in the new series! NOOOO! I am gonna set up the 2 videos and the new dvd recorder so I dont miss it!!

Anyway enough about my mindless ramblings about the gorge geordie duo and back to science revision... SAVE ME!!!

Steph x

Posted by blog/england_rules at 3:42 PM GMT
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Saturday, 21 February 2004
So... school on Monday.... NO NO U CANT MAKE ME GO!!!
Yay! A week off. Its just a shame its late saturday evening and I av only one day of freedom left, which is going to be taken up by my BLOODY SCIENCE COURSEWORK. At least I've done 2 1/2 pages (manly taken up by diagrams, graphs and tables...) Never mind theres more to life than science coarsework (yeah the big science exam 2 days after my birthday...)

Anyway, I'm watching 'It will be alright on the night.' Is quite funny... watching people fall over, saying the wrong things, etc.

Should talk bout Ant and Dec here as that is all I usually talk about here! I'm just waiting til Takeaway starts now. It starts soon I know that but when?! I wanna know! Fayes getting me Ant and Dec's greatest hits 4 my birthday. Oooh I canna wait I luv their songs 4 sum reason (Most of them make me laugh!). The one song I also really wanna hear is Steppin' Stone coz I luv the Monkees version of it and can imagine Ant and Dec singing it. Ooooh I really canna wait.

Betta go now,
Steph x

Posted by blog/england_rules at 10:13 PM GMT
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Monday, 16 February 2004
I'm sooo excited and I just cant hide it!!!
God dont u just love soaps!! There so funny and totally unreal. (well I just hope that stuff like that doesnt happen in real life!) Soap weddings are the best the tension, the will she wont she. U gotta love them!!!

Why do ppl keep talking to me when my msn is set to AWAY! U would think ppl would think that I'm away and not talk. (even though I'm not away I'm writing on here...)

On the never-ending subject of Ant and Dec, TAKEAWAY STARTS IN 3 WEEKS!!! Cant wait. God, I luv Ant and Dec! I'm really excited!! (Note: I luv Ant and Dec on a different scale to loving soaps, I luv Ant and Dec a hell of a lot more!!!) ooohh cant wait!! lalalalala

oooooh so excited!
Steph xxx

PS Brits on Tuesday! 8pm ITV1 Watch them, Watch them... with Cat Deeley. I wish I was her...

Posted by blog/england_rules at 8:22 PM GMT
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Saturday, 14 February 2004
...and the happy little elves danced to la la land...
As u can tell by the title I am slowly goin insane. Nobody cares anyway so I shall go on.

Valentines day hey, wot a load of total and utter crap. Maybe when I'm old and married or av a boyfriend i'll like it but at this second I think that its just to make all the single ppl in the world depressed and miserble.

Hmmm a whole week off school to be bored and do the ever looming science coarsework which is gonna be hell.

Should talk about Ant and Dec now as that is all I usually talk about. There very cute and very nice and there is sum very funny slash sites out there about them which are quite... yes ;)
I heard sumwhere that they are goin to do another series of 'I'm a celebrity Get Me Out of Here' in november, at least 1 series of 'Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway' in 'Spring' and maybe another 1 in 'autumn' (or "fall" 4 the americans...) AND they have filmed a pilot for Fox for a American version of Takeaway... which we all hope will fall though coz we dont want the Americans to steel our Ant and Dec! (no offence american ppl!) They need to stay in the UK and do all there programmes here!!

Better go read that e-mail
Steph xx

Posted by blog/england_rules at 9:15 PM GMT
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