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mY LiFe aS i sEe iT

dono how 2 describe lahz...


Tuesday, July 31, 2001

hi.this being my first (and maybe last?) entry, i'd give u all a glimpse of myself.Im a kid, nono, guy, nono teen, doesn't sound nice...ok,im a person in the nice age of 14... im small built if expressed kindly but straight to the face,i am short  :(   at a height of 149cm,i am way behind the word "tall"...ok, i live in singapore and is in sec 2 of my school...there is this nice little girl in my school and man she's damn gorgeous sia...pple say she's short but i think they never open their eyes wide enuff.Also,she's one of the few pple that is shorter than me(means she's cuter than me :p)!argh, my mom is already asking me to go sleep....i gtg...bye!

Posted by mini~clip at 5:53 PM

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