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Gallery Of Hacks
I Wanna Be A Hacker

Please note use these hacks at risk...Please note I don't use any of these my self..

JKBot 2.0

Not really a hack but cool zoom script

 not detectable by Spectators...


Simple keys to minimize to desktop without loading the map again...

JK2 Minimiser

A NOCD patch.. if you've lost the cd...

No-Cd Crack

Wall Hack

Mind The Spelling...

Wallhack ESP Menu Aimbot Autoshoot wallhack If you use it online , you do it at your own risk. #changes 0.9.3bbot fov and autoshoot fov values added(ini), rail and rocket mode in menu, if u press modre c key model get white.#changes 0.9.4b The autoshooffov works now automatically, faster auto shoot (i think lol) Rocket launcher mode (aims at legs)) changes 0.9.5b auto shoot do not longer block mouse1 changes 0.9.6b better modrec system (u don't have to be close to enemy anymore Install: Copy opengl32.dll to your quake main dir(or use a loader). copy g.ini to your windows dir. bottoggle -> bot on off *menu menu -> menu on off bot-> if key pressed bot on if key up bot off modrec-> for aim at model on ur screen #iv changed some keys in the gnaq3.inihow to start start q3 set cg_forcemodel 1 set model sarge or enemymodel sarge set in mouse -1(in_restart for restart input) exec gna.cfg in q3 (save your old q3comfig.cfg) go dm or tdm or ctf or an other game mode go to menu(standard F1) and activate white model and other stuff if u like. reason=u must see locked models go to an enemy press modrec key(standard SHIFT) and model is locked:o)