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1/25/04-new layout, sorry i dont have the picture of my version 1 layout anymore. its gone ;_; but the picture of version 2 is in "photos" and new pics in photos. some dont work but i'll fix it later
1/24/04- new picture in finished, 1 new pic in sketch
1/12/04- 2 uploaded in finished
1/11/04- new entry. for now on, i'm not gonna add "new entry" to my updates cuz i'm gettin lazy.
1/10/04- new entry, new sketch uploaded, new finished picture uploaded
1/9/04-new entry
1/8/04-new entry
1/7/04-new entyr
1/5/04-new entry
1/4/04- new entry
1/3/04- 2 new entries, new ideas for drawings, posted drawing in finished, new test entry
1/2/04- new entry
1/1/04- added this update box, new entry
12/30/03- new layout, amy's picture in finished, new entry


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2/7/04- jeannie didn't blog and do a SAT word! she has to do 2 2morrow!
2/6/04- caroline dressed in a tube infront of everyone without a shirt.