AGE: 27 (Birthday being June 8th, making me a Gemini)

San Diego; lived in Arkansas before recently


What can I say?

Originally my friend Troy Diggs got me interested in writing columns for Oasis, a site made for (and eventually by) gay, lesbian, and questioning youths. From 1997 to 2003, I wrote columns about my life and experiences as a gay black man in Arkansas, hoping it helped some gay and/or lesbian teen not feel so alone in the world like I did. eventually, I started DIEGO'S WORLD in 2003, hoping to cotinue to chronicle my life as a gay man.

At the moment, I have focusing on my lifelong dream to be a writer. I used to like to write fantasy. eventually, that interest switched to horror and gay fiction. I also do fanfiction to fans of the show SLIDERS.

I currently work on a dark fantasy novel called DARKENED SOUL. I also am trying my hand at my first gay novel PICTURES OF A JADED BITCH. In-between those two are short stories.


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