Conclusions of an Arkansas Transplant (November 2009)
Four years? Seriously? Pondering time!

Monogamy...Party of One 2: Damaged Goods (October 2009)
Now...where am I standing on monogamy?

Monogamy...Party of One (Late September 2009) it really that hard to be monogamous?

Hard Truths (Early September 2009)
Sometimes what you learn when you're growing up black and gay can get in the way even if it's true. Can it change though?

For Want of the Children (August 2009)
Dear 19 Year Old Mirror Image...

The Vegas Trip (July 2009)
Cuz you know I had to talk about my Vegas vacation...

Notes of a Jaded Bitch (June 2009)
To distract from missing Frenchman, Diego...focuses on his writing and learns a lesson.

The Box (May 2009)
What's the Box? Does it heal, hurt, or a little bit of both?

Something Wicked This Way Goes... (late March 2009)
It's baaaaack!!!

What's in a Friend? (early March 2009)
Since everyone keeps acting like I'm speaking Klingon, Diego details what a true friend is.

Hello, I Must Be Going (February 2009)
Diego takes stock of 2008...and looks into 2009.


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