Connection (December 2008)
Because no man is an island...or is he?

'Til Death Do Us Part (November 2008)
Prop 8: Yay or Nay?

Alone and...Miserable? (September 2008)
Diego ponders his singlehood in the changing gay landscape.

Flaws (August 2008)
Can flaws make or break a relationship if a person isn't willing to change for the other?

Oh, But I'm a Freak: Thoughts on Pride (late July 2008)
What does Pride mean to me? Good question.

A Misconceived Notion (early July 2008)
When we assume...but really does Diego find black men attractive?

...The More They....Stay the Same? (June 2008)
What? I'm 29? Where has my life gone?

Strike (February 2008)
Diego talks about the writers' strike effect on him.

Ten Years Later... (January 2008)
Diego takes a look at his first column...ten years since he first wrote it.


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