Voyage Home (December 2007)
Diego travels back to Jonesboro, AR for the first time in years.

Thoughts of an Arkansas Transplant (November 2007)
Wow! Diego's been in San Diego for two years. Who would have thought?...and what's the verdict?

The Boyfriend Within (October 2007)
So what's wrong with single?

Mecca (September 2007)
I'm staying...what's next? Space.

Just Friends? (late August 2007)
Is it possible to be 'just friends' with an ex?

Gays Versus Fags (early August 2007)
Is there really a different between a gay...and a fag?

Sexual Being (July 2007)
Do I look like a slut?

Blah! (June 2007)
Oh, God!!! Not again!! Out! Out of my mind, doubts!!

The Rape (March 2007)
I never thought it would happen to me...

Drawn (January 2007)
Straight guy + Gay guy = ???. Is there a connection?


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