Pictures of an AR Transplant (November 2006)
A year has passed...and it's all the same...or is it?

Sink or Swim (October 2006)
A good beginning or tragic end? Diego confronts his feelings for Kos.

Issues (Of a Different Sort) (September 2006)
Diego asks the most important question of all: 'Is a degree worthless?' as he looks for a good job.

The Visit (August 2006)
The Diego/Kos relationship revisited...and where does it go from here?

Conflict (July 2006)
Diego asks himself...has he become too passive?

Bad Habits (June 2006)
Seriously...we all have them...

Tales of an Arkansas Transplant (April 2006)
These are the tales of a gay Arkansas boi...out of water...

Where You Are (February 2006)
What you did at 22 isn't the same as when you're 26 (going on 27).

Comfortable (January 2006)
What about what I want?


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