A Tale of Two Men Part 2: How Things Stand (December 2002)
The conclusion to Diego's crazy love triangle.

Something Wicked This Way Came (November 2002)
Diego talks about being bipolar.

A Tale of Two Men Part 1: What the F--? (Early October 2002)
Diego finds himself caught between Christian and a new friend.

Same Story, Different Cast (Early October 2002)
The gay Little Rock community...not too different than the Jonesboro gays.

Small Town Mouse in the Big City (September 2002)
Diego arrives in Little Rock...a bigger city. What is it like?

Recovery (Late May 2002)
Diego attempts to recover from Christian.

Where Do I Go From Here? (Early May 2002)
Jonesboro or Little Rock? Diego makes his choice.

Situation (March 2002)
To go to school in Jonesboro or move to Little Rock?

The Invisible Men (January 2002)
Diego talks about being a gay black man in the white gay man community.


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