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XETLOGZ gives other performers a run for their money
Monday, 13 June 2006
“Upside down/Bouncin’ off the ceiling/Inside out/Stranger to this feeling/Got no clue/What I should do… ohh/I’ll go crazy if I can’t get next to you.”

This was part of the lyrics of the tune to which the group known as XETLOGZ, who really made the crowd go wild during the 2006 CBE Acquaintance Party held last August 4, danced along. They put on a hilarious performance, a kind of presentation that no one expected that night.

XETLOGZ is composed of third year Business Management (BM) student Chester Jan F. Salido; BM sophomore Carlo Paulo L. Cruz; Entrepreneurship sophomore Ryan D. Limboy; and Information Technology (IT) sophomores Allen Paul B. Delfin, Alvin Anthony R. Vista, John Joseph B. Villanueva and Karl Geoffrey J. Cabugwang.

As they started to make their way to the dance floor, the crowd shouted and cheered them. They were dressed in jackets and short pants for their costume. At the middle of their performance, they revealed what was under their jackets and it truly surprised the crowd. It was ladies’ brassieres they were wearing beneath!

With the dancers’ groovy steps and peculiar outfits, they managed to give the audience a most superb display of talent and really made the crowd turn “upside down”.

Theirs was one of the productions that certainly caught the audience’s attention. Other presentations were performed by the following bands: Sound Connection of the second year and third year Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) students, Jam Session of the IT freshmen, Chocolove and the Sushi Band of the HRM freshmen, and Song Duets of the HRM and Computer Science freshmen.

Dance numbers were also performed by the nonaligned Talent’s Guild, selected BM sophomores and the Fuzhu Group of the third year HRM students.

Aside from the students, the faculty members also displayed their talents. One of them was Accounting instructor Oliver C. Fauni, who serenaded everyone, from his co-teachers to the students, with his soft voice.

The dance floor was then opened for two faculty members to show everyone what dancing really means. Physical Education instructors Julius M. Crystal and Niño C. Melindo had a samba showdown that fired up the dance floor and, without a doubt, got the crowd’s undivided attention.

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