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Power Shortage Afflicts CBE
Monday, 9 August. 2006
CBE is currently experiencing a power shortage that started as a campus-wide blackout last July 4, 2006. According to CBE Dean Alice T. Valerio, the blackout was caused by the “overloading” of the campus’s electric meter base situated across the street at the Cavite Traffic Management Office (CTMO). Apparently, the meter base was unable to handle the increased electrical consumption, which Dr. Valerio attributes to the recent surge in student enrollment.

“May nasusunog… parang amoy ng nasusunog na goma (Something was burning… it smelled like burnt rubber),” recounted CTMO Officer-in-Charge and Traffic Operations Officer Abiel B. Laudato, who was in his office that morning of the blackout. He continued that they had cut off all electrical connections around 11:00 a.m.

Upon inspection of the damage, Laudato observed that the rubber insulation of the main electrical entrance line was burned off and that the electrical meter was also severely burned out. “Parang binalatang saging (Like a peeled banana),” he said, describing the entrance line.

Power was restored a few days later when the damage was repaired and the electrical meter was even replaced with a digital one. However, CBE is now heavily curtailing its power consumption as even the replaced main electrical entrance line cannot handle the school’s normal power intake, according to administration.

There are currently more that 470 students and faculty members being affected by the lack of air-conditioning and limited use of computer units.

Dr. Valerio explained that CBE does not have its own power line and electrical meter, but, instead, shares these with nearby CTMO. The Cavite provincial government pays for this shared electrical bill, she continued.

She expressed the administration’s collective desire for CBE to have its own electrical line, meter and transformer, partly in order to stabilize the power consumption. Laudato confirmed that such an installation would cost approximately 1 million pesos.

“We have already identified funds for this,” Dr. Valerio stated, however. Furthermore, an electrical plan has already been approved, she continued. Still, CBE cannot transact properly with Meralco (Manila Electric Co.), since CvSU does not own the CBE building, she explained.

Dr. Valerio is now trying to secure a deed of donation or memorandum of agreement transferring ownership of the CBE building from the Cavite provincial government to CvSU. “[She] is working hand in hand with the Cavite provincial government to normalize the power situation,” CvSU President Ruperto S. Sangalang affirmed.

“I’m really trying to facilitate everything, but I can’t control everything,” exclaimed Dr. Valerio, hinting that even transactions between government offices can take much time.

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