Time passes you by quickly

We open at a Black Angus as the camera pans the resturant you see that it's jammed packed full of people having dinner and drinks, the camera swings over by the front door where you see a line going all the way out the door and in front of the line you notice it's none other then JJ Crawford and Davy Blade. JJ Crawford is wearing black silk shirt with a pair of black dress pants, Davy is wearing a white t-shirt with a pair of white jeans, seconds later a young lady dressed in a skirt and a white dress shirt with a name tag that reads "Tammy", the lady then takes them to their table that is clear acrossed the resturant. They move passed tons of people on their way to the table, they finally reach the table and sit down as the waitress sets two menus down in front of them. Shen walks off giving them time to look at the menu.

JJ:Ah, I love it here.

Davy:Yeah they have great food.

JJ:Now I do have a reason to bringing you here tonight.

Davy:What's that?

JJ:I want to talk business.

Davy:Well then let's talk business.

JJ:Where do you see yourself in a year from now in wrestling?

Davy:Actually I really never thought about it.

They look through the menu real quick as the waitress walks up to their table.

Waitress:Hi I am Tammy and I'll be your waitress this evening....wait a minute your JJ Crawford aren't you?

JJ smiles.

JJ:Why yes I am.

Tammy:I'm a huge fan of yours JJ, I know you get this probably a lot but your hot.

JJ laughs.

JJ:Yeah I do get that a lot.

Davy:Ya know I would like to order my dinner sometime soon.

Tammy:Oh I am sorry sir what would you like?

Davy:I'll have a New York steak with a baked potatoe with the works and a triple shot of Crown on the rocks.

Tammy:How would you like your steak?


Tammy:And what will the greatest athelete ever want to eat tonight?

JJ:I'll have a T-bone steak with french fries, also to drink I will have a Long Island ice tea.

Tammy:And how would you like that done?


Tammy:I'll have your drinks out in a few and I'll get them started on your guys food.

She takes the menus then walks off as the camera focuses back in on JJ and Davy.

JJ:Davy how would you like to take your career to places it's never been and places you only dreammed about?

Davy:That sounds all well and good but how are you going to do that?

Tammy returns with their drinks and sets them down on the table, JJ and Davy pick up their drinks and take a sip them set them back down on the table.

JJ:Ah that's good, anyway I have connections all around the world, given the right time and given the right mentor with in a few months Davy Blade will be the name on everybody's lips.

Davy:I like what I'm hearing so far.

JJ:JJ Crawford is that man to do that for you.

Davy:Wait, how much of my money are you taking from me?

JJ laughs.

JJ:I don't need your money.

Davy:I know but you charged Big J to train him for the hardcore tournament.

JJ:Yeah I did charge him but I see something in you that I never saw in him.

Davy:And what's that?

JJ:The potential to be the best.

Davy:Yeah I do have that don't I?

JJ:Damn straight!

JJ takes a big gulp of his tea then sets the glass down.

JJ:Just picture it Davy Blade UWE Heavyweight Champion.

Davy:Hey I like the sound of that.

JJ:So what do you say? are you a long for the ride Davy?

Davy thinks about for a few minutes as their food is brought to the table and sat in front of them.

Davy:Count me in, Teach me what you know oh great one.

JJ chuckles.

JJ:Get ready because you can ask Big J I refuse to take it easy on you, and I have no mercy for my students.

As the scene fades JJ and Davy begin to dig into their dinner.

We reopen at a UWE house show in Dallas Texas, you see the backstage area where you see Maria standing next to JJ Crawford.

Maria:First off let me thank you for allowing to conduct this interview with you JJ.

JJ smiles.

JJ:No, thank you Maria for letting me be in the presence of a extremely gorgous woman such as yourself.

Maria:JJ you are so sweet.

JJ:I know I am.

Maria:What is the deal with your recent attacks on Vince Mcmahon?

JJ:Maria I'm not going to go into a explanation because I've laid it out on the table enough times already, I mean there are a hell of a lot more shit he's done to me in the past that I haven't told you yet.

Maria:Well I can clearly tell that you guys don't like each other.

JJ:Like is a understatement.

Maria:Well would you like to address Vince Mcmahon?

JJ takes the mic out of her hand and helps out of the camera range, he then looks at the camera lifting the mic up to his mouth he begins to speak.

JJ:Vince Mcmahon I know your in the building and I'm in the building so one way or another old man we will cross paths.

The fans cheer.

JJ:I'm gonna do my damnest to get a hold of you tonight, because I have a suprise for you, you've screwed with me and my whole family and I promised my family I would take care of you and I never break a promise you know that Vince.

Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford!

JJ:Did you hear that Vince? yeah I know you did because that's the biggest problem you have with me, they love me and you dispise me for it. I put my body on the line day in and day out I earned my fucking respect not handed to me after my daddy died, why these people love me is because I go out there do what I do best which is entertain the Kliq.

The fans roar with approval.

JJ:You like to say I do things the hard way, well your damn right I do! and why the fuck not? at least it's more honorable then the path you've choosen, but that's okay because Vince I'm your judge, jury and excutioner, so the real question has to be how am I going to deal you your fate?

As the scene fades Crawford chants echo through out the arena.

We reopen in the backstage area where you find JJ Crawford and Davy Blade talking in the hallway.

Davy:So what do ya have in store for Vince?

JJ:Don't worry about that Davy, just make sure you and Big J are where ya supposed to be and everything will run smoothly.

Davy:Yeah I talked to the big man just a few momments ago and we'll be ready JJ.

JJ:Good because everything must go perfectly, we can afford any snags, that understood Davy?

Davy stands straight up and salutes JJ.

Davy:Understood, SIR!

JJ looks at Davy cockeyed.

JJ:What in the hell are you doing?

Davy stands normal again.

Davy:I felt like a solider sorry.

JJ laughs.

JJ:Your funny.

Davy:Thank you.

JJ:Anyway back to what we were talking about.


JJ:You need to make sure Big J totally understands his role in all of this.

Davy:There is no problems Big J understands just fine what he's supposed to be doing tonight.


Davy:So come on what's this suprise?

JJ smiles.

JJ:Wouldn't you like to know.

Davy:As a matter of a fact yes I would like to know.

JJ:Well it is this simple, it's on a need to know basis and you really don't need to know.

Davy:Fine, but can you promise me it's going to be great?

JJ:Yes that I can do.

Davy:Cool, I feel a little better now.

JJ:That's good.

As the scene fades JJ and Davy continue their conversation as they go find Big J.

We reopen inside the arena with Vince Mcmahon in the ring with a microphone.

Vince:JJ I'm not scared of you, I mean why should I be your no threat to me.

The fans boo.

Tazz:These people don't seem to agree with Mr. Mcmahon.

Cole:And why should they?

Vince:You are just a meer mortal and I am a Greek God! you know JJ all I hear is you bitching about what I did to you in the past, well why don't you quit your whinning about the past and start living in the present.

Asshole, Asshole, Asshole, Asshole, Asshole, Asshole, Asshole, Asshole, Asshole, Asshole, Asshole, Asshole, Asshole!

Tazz:These fans are telling Mr. Mcmahon what they think of him.

Vince:SHUT UP!!!!!

The fans boo.

Vince:JJ I remember hearing you say a few days ago that I am the reason for your ex wife leaving, well JJ your wife didn't leave you because of me she left you because she hated you even more then I do!

Suddenly King of Kings by Motorhead hits.

Cole:I think that remark did it.

Tazz:I think your right Cole.

JJ makes his way out to the stage area.

Tazz:Oh man here he comes.

Cole:JJ Crawford doesn't look to happy but can you blame him, I mean after what Vince Mcmahon just said you can't blame him if he comes out here and goes insane.

Tazz:That's what I'm afraid of.

JJ makes his way down the ramp slapping highfives with the fans on his way down to the ring, JJ reaches the bottom of the ramp and just stares at Vince.

Tazz:JJ is just glaring at Mr. Mcmahon Cole with pur hatered, I've never seen anything quite like it.

JJ then makes his way to the ringsteps and begins walking up them, when he reaches the apron he walks acrossed the apron then stops and stands there for a few minutes. Minutes later JJ steps through the ropes and makes his way over to the corner.

JJ Climbs up the turnbuckles.

The fans cheer. Cole:These people truly do love this kid.

Tazz:They sure do.

JJ then hops down and begins walking over to Vince Mcmahon.

JJ pulls a mic out of his back pocket as his music slowly fades.

Vince:Calm down JJ don't do anything your gonna regret? every words really can't hurt you.

JJ:Shut up!

The fans cheer.

JJ:You wanna drag my ex wife into this again? after everything you have done to the both of us you wanna bring her back into this?

Vince:I'll bring anyone I want into this I Vince Mc............


The crowd roars with approval.

JJ:You know Vince I'm really gonna enjoy this.

JJ takes on step towards Vince and he quickly slides out of the ring and starts slowly backing up the ramp.

Vince:You know JJ Christy was nothing more then a gold digging slut!

Vince drops the mic as he reaches the stage area and he walks back behind the curtains, seconds later Vince Mcmahon comes flying out of the back and starts rolling down the ramp, just then a man walks out onto the stage area.

Tazz:Oh man I know that guy, that's JJ's brother Rick.

Cole:I got it this must be the suprise JJ's been talking about all night long.

Vince reaches his feet then quickly begins to hop the rail until he see's Big J and Davy Blade walk out of the exit he was going to go for.

Tazz:JJ is just watching on in the ring with a smile on his face.

Cole:And why not it looks like he might have Vince trapped like a rat.

Vince Mcmahon then makes his way over to the broadcast table and climbs over the guardrail and makes his way through the crowd, he turns facing the ring and begins smiling.

Tazz:It looks like Vince has out smarted JJ tonight Cole.

Cole:That's a shame too because I wanted to see JJ get his hands on Vince after the remarks he made about his ex wfire they were uncalled for.

Suddenly a big figure walks out of the final exit, Vince continues taunting JJ with no clue that somebody is blocking the exit. Vince finally bumps into the man, the smile quickly vanishes from his face as he slowly turns around to find a good sized built gentalmen.

Tazz:That's JJ's other brother Deuce Dog.

Cole:Wow he's built like a monster.

Deuce begins backing Vince backtowards the ringside other, with in seconds they are back in the front row. Just then Davy Blade, Big J and Rick Crawford grab Vince from behind and yank him over the rail, they then pick him up and throw him the ring, Deuce Dog climbs over the rail and makes his way over to Rick.

Cole:Well Tazz Vince is back in the ring.

Tazz:This is what JJ had planned.

Vince reaches his feet as JJ is just smiling as Vince realizes JJ's in front of him, out of no where Christy Hemme comes into the ring and nails Vince Mcmahon with a low blow, the fans roar with approval as she has a smile on her face while looking at JJ.

Christy takes the mic from JJ's hands and then begins to speak.

Christy:That was for what you did to my happy family!

Christy drops the mic and starts kicking Vince in the rib cage repeatedly screaming at him, until JJ comes up behind her and grabs her dragging her away from Vince, JJ then reaches down and snatches the mic up off the mat.

JJ:Hey Vince what was that about her hating me? cause the way it looked to me is she wants to rip you apart, anyway Vince if you think your done then your saddly mistaken because I think your going to go for a little joy ride.

King of Kings hits as Deuce grabs Vince and throws him over his shoulder.

Cole:What did JJ mean about that?

Tazz:I don't think I wanna know Cole, I mean the less we know the better off were going to be.

As the scene fades to black you see JJ helping Christy out of the ring.