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Here's a little Look at the music that I listen to. I will give you some background information and also a couple of sound clips.


Born Marshall Mathers on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri, Eminem moved to a Detroit housing project at the age of 12, when he began his hip-hop journey. In the early 90s, Eminem battled other MCs on open-mike nights. He impressed Paul Rosenberg, who eventually became his manager. In 1995, Eminem released his first single with the group Soul Intent. The recording process introduced Eminem to another young rapper, Proof, who asked Eminem to join his six-member crew D12. The group would serve as a surrogate family for Eminem, as each rapper supported each other while working together - a situation that would remain in place even after Eminem achieved massive success. Eminem worked hard for his success but was rejected for a long time as a white rapper. Then, while freestyling on a a radio show he was heard by Interscope Record label president Jimmy Iovine who like what he heard and brought Eminem to the attention of Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre was very impresses witrh Em. They worked together to make a new hit record and thats where Eminems success took off!

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50 Cent was born Curtis Jackson and raised in Queens, NY. He grew up with his grandmother after his mother died when he was 8 and his father left. 50 started selling crack to make money. He found himself in and out of jail and was eventually shot nine times. 50 Cent was getting wairy of the street thug lifestyle and turned to rap. IN 1996 Jam Master J signed 50 to his JMJ label after hearing him rap over some beats. 50 Cent then moved on to the track masters label and had a few minor hits. It was only Eminem noticed him and took interest that 50 Cent's career took off. A bidding war to sign 50 brought him more noteriety and 1 million dollar signing bonus. 50 was now signed to a joint deal with Shady/Aftermath records. He immediatly went to work on his new album entitled "Get Rich or Die Tryin." 50 Cent soared to popularity with the first single from this new album "In Da Club." His album recorded record sales by posting the highest first week sales ever according to soundscan.

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Tupac Shakur was born in New York City, the son of Black Panther member, Afeni Shakur who was pregnant with 2Pac while in jail on bombing charges. When he was 15, his family moved to Baltimore where 2Pac wrote his first rap under the name MC New York. Three years later, 2Pac's family moved to California and 2Pac began selling drugs. By the time 2Pac was 25 years old, he had been arrested, jailed, shot, involved with gangs, and become one of the biggest rap stars ever. Tupac embarked on a solo rap career after featuring in Digital Underground. He released his first solo LP, "2pacalypse Now" and it proved to be a moderate hit with rap fans. Acting opportunities soon came for Tupac and in 1992 he had the starring role in "Juice" and in 1993 appeared alongside Janet Jackson in "Poetic Justice". released his second recording. It had 2 top 10 singles hits ="I Get Around" and "Keep Ya Head Up". The album proved to be a big hit for Shakur however as was often the case, trouble wasn't far around the corner for the rapper. 2Pac also found himself on the wrong side of the law with accusations of sexual battery and assault. The following year 2Pac was robbed and shot several times outside a music studio in New York. Although suffering from severe wounds, 2Pac recovered and returned to finish his next LP. In 1995 he was sentenced to 4 years in prison for sexual abuse. He was released on bail awaiting appeal. While this was happening, Tupac got his first number 1 album - 'Me Against The World'. In early 1996 Tupac featured in the hit song 'California Love' alongside Dr. Dre. That year a lot was talked about 2pac's rivalry with a lot of rappers, particularly The Notorious B.I.G. Tupac Shakur died on 13th September 1996 having been shot 6 days previous. He had attended a Mike Tyson fight and had been shot when leaving. 2Pac's right lung was removed during surgery and 2Pac was left in a medical coma before passing away. He was 25. He was one of the best rappers of all time and they are still coming out with new songs from him after being passed away.

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