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Exponential Detritus For Feeble Minds

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Life sucks. 

Here's some Duckman quotes to ease the pain.

Post Halloween Amusement 

Which Anne Rice Vampire are you?

I'm Armand...figures.

Samhain Musings 

Spent my Halloween night as a wage slave,but dressed as Death. How fitting. Now it is Novemeber 1st, the Celtic New Year. A time for reflection,divination and discourse with the unseen worlds. Leave milk and bread out for the faerie folk, read tarot cards and have lovely,lovely dreams. The world will come back at us with a vengeance soon enough. Enjoy what respite can be found. Here in the time between the worlds...

Friday, October 31, 2003

Stop me if you've heard this one before... 

I've repeated it often. I find it to be a metaphor for life. My dog,like most dogs, does not enjoy eating vegetables. But every time he has a chance to get a carrot, he tries to eat it. Then he tastes it and spits it out. It's not that he's dumb, I just think he's something of an optimist. He thinks thiscarrot will be different from the last one.

Also, he thinks he's responsible for pizza. The way he thinks it works is that if you bark whenever anyone knocks on the door, you scare them away and, more often than not,
they leave behind pizza. He gets all proud of himself and everything.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Assuming this was a typo... 

Was trolling through the scads of spam which pretty much make up all of my incoming email these days when I noticed the following "selling point" in one of the many inexplicable penis enlargement offers I get on a daily basis in spite of my gender:"Dramatically Enhances Organism"
Jesus! I hope not!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

A little Experiment... 

Try typing the name of any well known Greek mythological figure into Google, and odds are it'll turn out to be the name of a web application. Just as a general rule of thumb.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Henna time is here again... 

Or is that too much information? I'm sitting here with my head marinating in organic products which are intended to turn it a subtle shade of red. I feel like a beef tenderloin.

Another one for the favorite authors list... 

Nick Hornby

A rather unfortunate attempt at explaining Christianity... 

"This is a story about a great and mighty shepherd. He had lots and lots of sheep but he always wanted more, not because he wanted to sell them, but because he wanted to love them."

- anonymous post to an online site for atheists, which seems to only attract responses from Christians intent on converting the operators of online sites for atheists...Cafe Jezebel

Click on it, and they donate food to the's that simple. 

The Hunger Site

Monday, October 27, 2003

Celtic Radio links from favorites are "Shite and Onions," a Celtic Punk station and the Fergus MacCool show ("brought to you by Tasteless Choice coffee...") but there are many more. How come nobody loves the Pogues but me?

The Temple of Hecate Online : Site Map 

The Temple of Hecate Online : Site Map: " Back to the Main Page"
Online virtual temple to the Goddess of the Underworld (who is, incidentally, the Myth Of the Day

Sunday, October 26, 2003

More audio-literary detritus 

Sherman Alexie wins the 1999 Heavyweight Poetry Championship

Other Burroughs Sites
Neil Gaiman

More Eeriness in light of the season... 

The ghost of William S Burroughs...