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Exponential Detritus For Feeble Minds

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Maggie's Capsule Movie Review: "Good Dog" 

"M'kay, well, I don't like you...but it was a good doggie movie."
"What was your favorite part?"
"When the doggie howled and played dead."
"Did the dog talk?"
"Yes, he talked..Hey,mom, why's there no sound on the tv?"

Words are weapons, sharper than knives... 

If you haven't seen it yet...
Poetic Vitriol

Legend of the Day 

The Trumpeter of Krakow (a true story)

Ogham Reading of the Day 

You have pursued a goal with admirable persistence, even when faced with hardship, and have made progress towards it. It might be wise to examine this goal in the light of changing circumstances, and ensure that it is still the goal you wish to pursue, and that the methods you have chosen are the best ones for the task.

The situation has been frustrating, and you may have reacted somewhat hastily. Examine the past and see if you rushed matters, or too-quickly chose between undesirable alternatives. Time has changed things, and perhaps opened up new options which could benefit you.


Home with a fussy teething baby. Sang her John Lennon songs for an hour, now we're watching the Wiggles with no sound. Oh, the howling, oh the crying, oh how I love her in spite of all that.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Myth of the Day 

The Fisher King

Ogham Reading Of The Day 


Generosity and persistence

Your work is bearing fruit, and you are reaping its benefits. Remember that generosity is an appropriate response to abundance! Persist in your efforts, too; the blessings you have seen are a result of perseverance, and require continued effort.


Courage and endurance

You will be entering new territory soon, and this may make you nervous. You do have the courage and the tools you will need to thrive; even if things become difficult, persevere and you will benefit.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Perhaps this might be a metaphor for relationships in general 

I adore my baby Sarah. I love the smell of her, her insane baby laugh and every little dimple. But she has this exhausting need to stick to me like velcro at all times. She literally clings to the hem of my clothes so that I can barely walk and bursts into tears if I turn my back on her for one second. After a while, in order to get anything accomplished, you have to steel your heart to the tears a little bit to keep from becoming tyrranized by the incomprehensible whims of an infant. I hate to see her cry at all, but sometimes a person has to eat or take a shower, for instance. So I kind of choose my battles now and spend extra time cuddling her when I can to make up for the times it's impractical to do her tiny bidding.

Randomly Arranged Duran Duran Song Lyrics 

They always sounded cool and everything, but what on earth do they mean?

The union of the snake is on the climb..
It's gonna race it's gonna break -
Gonna move up to the borderline..

There's a dream that strings the road
With broken glass for us to hold
And I cut so far before i had to say

Shake up the picture the lizard mixture
With your dance on the eventide
You got me coming up with answers
All of which i deny.

Out on the tar plains, the glides are moving
All looking for a new place to drive
You sit beside me so newly charming
Sweating dewdrops glisten freshing your side

For rumours in the wake of such a lonely crowd
Trading in my shelter for danger
I'm changing my name just as the sun goes down -
In the eyes of the stranger!

Oh, the reflex what a game he's hiding all the cards
The reflex is in charge of finding treasure in the dark
And watching over lucky clover isn't that bizarre
Every little thing the reflex does leaves you answered with a
Question mark

(no. 1)
Public figure, what a pain
Just puts another rattle in your brain
Take another green but it's not the same
Now you're on the sandlane everyday
Dancing with the bulls in any old way
Running like a fox to keep up with me.

Runes of the Day 

Runes for Anonymous: "Isa is the rune symbolizing Ice - cold, stagnant, frozen, and unchanging. This rune suggests heat removed not just from anger or conflict, but from passion as well. Paradoxically, Isa conveys images of slippery slopes and unsure footing, but also of circumstances that have crystallized and become utterly immutable. Remember that in the cold north, ice is not just THE challenge to be overcome, but the very nature of the environment. Be courageous, for you work against this element every day. Will you fight alone or with others against this, our common foe? Is there much worse than lack of change?"

Raido means to ride. In this rune, the image is not so much the riding of a horse as in riding in a cart or as cargo. As such Raido may suggest a journey, but is much more indicative of communication. Alternate interpretations based on the use of Raido as a cognate in other words give it the meaning of council, judgment, and moral correctness. Therefore, this rune is the rune of wise advice and good leadership.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Myth of the Day 

The Wild Hunt

Ogham reading of the Day 

Patience is required. A time of frustration may be upcoming in the situation- either the appropriate action isn't possible for a time, or the options all look bad. Troublesome though this is, time itself may improve the situation- or give you the opportunity to chart a middle course between the undesirable alternatives.

A new beginning will change the situation dramatically when it arrives. Much will be different then, so it would be wise to anticipate this by resolving old business, enabling you to truly begin anew.

Worst mom in the world awards 

I forgot picture day and dressed Maggie in a Powerpuff T shirt. Then I forgot it was a half day and they had to call me to pick her up. OH, the shame of it all...

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Cryptic lyric in search of a good home... 

Sublimation made a monster out of me.

Work in Progress 

I could burn for a thousand years and never be warm enough
Could melt with a thousand suns
and never feel a thing
In the burning lands
where old gods wither
and dead men walk
with their eyes of glass
and cold,cold souls
In the underworld
lower than beyond
and further still

This poem's beginning to suck again, but I'll get it eventually.

Kinderpunk Maggie 

There's a baby doll hung in effigy from the window blinds. She's tightrope walking the bag of the couch to the strains of Oingo Boingo and when admonished responds with a sullen "I just don't like you Mom." Now, one can only tolerate this to a certain degree, but you still have to admire her spirit.

Myth of The Day 

The Green Man

Tarot Cards of the Day 

Wheel of Fortune: The path of destiny. Karma on a grand scale. An unexpected turn of good fortune. A link in the chain of events. Success, luck, and happiness.

The High Priest: Faith in tradition and the old school. A justified and ancient source of power. Being supportive, sympathetic and loyal. Receiving instructions, learning, guidance or inspiration. The ability to hear a higher or inner voice.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Myth of the Day 

Endymion, beloved of the Moon

Tarot Cards Of The Day 

The Fool: Thoughtlessness. Folly. Extravagance. Lack of discipline. Immaturity. Irrationality. Insecurity. Frivolity. Delirium. Frenzy. Enthusiasm. Naiveté.

Nine of Coins (Gain): Accomplishment. Discernment. Discretion. Foresight. Prudence. Material well-being. Love of nature.

Sunday, October 12, 2003 

appears to be broken:)

Strange Dreams... 

No one's writing to me, but everyone's invading my subconscious, it seems.

Is there anybody out there? 

Nobody's emailed me all weekend long. Except for spam. I really need to get a nonelectronic social life.