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Launching of Broader Coalition STOP Cha-Cha
(Sa Tamang Oras at Paraan)
Friday, April 28, 2006


No to People's Initiative ni Gloria
Presscon at News Desk, West Triangle, Quezon City
Friday, March 24, 2006



Feb. 1-22,2006


Statement of the Citizens' Pilgrimage for Truth and Reforms
(Lakbay Mamamayan para sa Katotohanan at Reporma)

We, members of different mass organizations, non-government organizations, political parties, church groups, the academe and professionals condemn in the strongest possible terms the Arroyo administration's pursuit of a quickie Constituent Assembly (Con Ass) to ram on people's throats self-serving revisions to the 1987 Constitution. Preempting the second round of the impeachment complaint proceedings in July, GMA has insisted to her party cohorts to complete their charter change project by June 2006.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has taught us a number of things. First she taught us to lie: "I will not run!" Then she taught us to cheat: "Hello Garci?" and how to say half-truth: "I am sorry!" She also taught us to steal to win at all cost: "Where is Joc Joc?" When people were fed up and started to resist, she taught us how to coerce: "Calibrated Preemptive Response! EO 464!" She taught us not to listen to the voice of the people: “I will not resign." Now she is teaching us bribery: "Con Ass cum No El!"

There is a time for support but also a time to say enough. There is time for discernment but also a time for creative action.

There is time to sit and watch.

Now is the time to come together and march.

On February 1 to 22, 2006, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the historic People Power 1 and the 5th anniversary of People Power 2, we will condemn, shout out and march from Cotabato, Dipolog and La Union to the People Power monument in Quezon City.

Together, we will remember the spirit of People Power 1 and 2: wealth sharing, courage in truth, unity in diversity, people-centered revolution. We will also remember the succeeding leaderships and the age-old political systems combined to betray the spirit, thus, the continuous political, economic, and social crises. Finally, we will remember our own respective sins of omission and commission, knowing many of us helped install and maintain her in power.

We, thus, in penance, commit ourselves and call on the Filipino people to collectively reject passivity and revive the People Power spirit. We need to remove all pillars of support to the current President who has lost the moral authority to govern and help install a new government - more truthful and just.

We welcome each one to join us in key cities in 34 provinces nationwide in a festive celebration of courage and the reliving and recapturing of the spirit of People Power.

Collectively, we will shout: U CAN'T CON ASS! U CAN'T CON US ANYMORE! Remember People Power 1 and 2, Remove GMA, Reform the System!



The Constitution, being the fundamental law of the land, is so important a document, its revision or amendment needs the whole attention of the framers and the vigilance of the broad citizenry. It also requires credible leadership untainted with questionable legitimacy and vested interests to be acceptable to the people.

This is exactly the opposite of what we have. The attention of the public, who should participate in framing the revision of the Constitution, is so divided given the termination of the impeachment process without any light being shed on the Gloriagate tapes scandal and other serious accusations against the President. The government leaders of Charter Change (Cha Cha) suffer the lowest credibility especially after the infamous September 6 murder of the impeachment process. Rightly or wrongly, Cha Cha via Constituent Assembly(Con Ass) will be publicly perceived more as a self-serving diversionary survival strategy of the President and her allies. Sadly, good messages and major reform proposals such as the shift to a federal-parliamentary system have been associated with the least credible messengers

In 2001, when the Craven 11 refused to open the second envelope, the nation rose in non-violent revolt. This time we have 158 Congresspersons who conspired with the President and sealed the truth about the accusations of her lying, cheating, and stealing in the elections of 2004. Celebrating her victory, the President now calls on us to move on and dance the Cha Cha.

But the truth cannot and should not be swept under the rug. It is in seeking the truth that we will find justice and real closure, an imperative in nation-building. We cannot just move on and continue living while turning our back on the truth. We cannot build a nation and leave the crafting of a new Constitution in the hands of liars, cheats and thieves. There is a time for analysis and reflection, but there is also a time for action. We did it before. We should be able to do it again. We call on every citizen nationwide to act and exercise their power as a people.

We will dance the Cha Cha under a new and credible national leadership and under a more participatory and more objective Constitutional Convention process. This time, with greater wisdom, we, as sovereign citizens, will change both the leaders and the system.


Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODE-NGO)
is the broadest network of NGOs and POs in the country, boasting of more than 2, 500 members nationwide. It played a key role in the People Power revolution that ousted Estrada.

Philippine Community Organizers’ Society (PhilCOS)
is a professional association of a thousand Community Organizers in the country dedicated to the professionalization of Community Organizing and the upliftment of CO welfare. The Society participates in helping social movements achieve their objectives by facilitating communications and building social relationships among participating individuals and institutions. The last General Assembly has committed to pursue the cause of federalism and from then on has taken very active role in the formation and expansion of the Citizens’ Movement for a Federal Philippines.

Institute of Popular Democracy (IPD) is a research and education political institute and has been one of the pioneers calling for active civil society participation in charter change. IPD has been the catalyst in the founding of Citizens for ConCon 2004.

Institute of Political and Electoral Reforms (IPER) is also a research and education political institute focusing on constitutional and electoral reforms. The institute has published a book on public perceptions on constitutional change and has intensively done a good networking inside the halls of Congress and the Senate to generate information for civil society.

Konsensyang Pilipino (KP) has been a major network of individuals and institutions focusing on campaigns against corruption. It was in the forefront of the impeachment movement against former President Estrada.

The Local Governance Citizens’ Network (LGCNet) is a non-stock non-profit organization whose primary aim is the cooperation among autonomous civil society organizations (CSOs) involved in local governance for the benefit of communities they serve and their mutual advantage. Member-CSOs seek to build empowered sustainable communities as their contribution to eradicating poverty, transforming the Philippines into a progressive country and enhancing international solidarity.

Philippine Alternative Study Center for Research, Education and Social Development (PASCRES)
is a research, education and Secretariat center for the promotion of democratic social ideals. It has been in the forefront of various mass campaigns for good governance. Its leadership and staff have been very much involved in the current Constitutional Convention campaign.

The National Peace Conference (NPC)
is a non partisan, multi-sectoral citizens’ assembly which seeks to actively pursue the advocacy of the basic sectors’ peace agenda and sustained the critical participation of the basic sectors in various government consultative bodies, particularly the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC).

Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute (GZOPI) is an NGO committed to looking for peaceful solutions to various divisions in Philippine society. Included in its special concerns are the long-term resolution of the Mindanao conflict and the just closure to various historical injustices committed by the past administrations especially that of Marcos.