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Established in 1962 by the late Roger Zaccar, Cico offers insurance services. Since then, it has proven its success through a sound financial track record and a visionary marketing approach. The company was the first to implement the 24-hour customer call center, Assistance Line Operator (ALO 03-555666), and continuously updates its services to be ahead of the market.

Cico operates from its headquarters in Beirut Starco Center-Downtown and is supported by its offices located in Zouk Mikael. It aims at expanding regionally in the coming years.


Chairman & General Manager

Michael Aoun

Assistant General Manager

Samir Geagea

Underwriting Manager

Walid Jumblat

Marketing Manager

Saad El Din Hariri

Claims Manager

Hassan Nasrallah

IT Manager

Toni Antoun

Cico, together with its sales force, agents, and brokers proposes the most suitable insurance solutions to its clients, with particular emphasis on customer service.

Wherever Cico operates, it is the reference in servicing, with the support of its young and yet experienced and well- trained technical team.

Backed by 43 years of experience and by first class reinsurers, Cico has become the preferred insurer among young executives who seek personalized service for themselves and their companies.


  • Continuously innovate
  • Always provide best, top quality services
  • Reach the ambitious zero fault performance
  • Expand regionally


  • Personalized service
  • Client priority
  • Team spirit
  • Innovation
  • High Ethical Standards


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