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Chihuahua of the Day - July 3, 2003


Angel was born without a front leg, and she has never let this slow her down. She was dumped in a public park in Ohio, covered with fleas. She was rescued by a wonderful group, Chihuahua Rescue and Transport. She now has a forever home with her 3 Chihuahua brothers, and 2 Chihuahua sisters.

My beloved Tiger, who lived a short but sweet life, remains the inspiration for creating this website.

I will honor a new chihuahua each day of the year as long as I am given a sufficient amount of submissions. This website is exclusively for chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes. When sending your photo submission, please include the following information: Name, Age, Gender, Hometown, Anicdotes.

Please send either a Jpeg or Gif File of your dog and information to:

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