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Welcome to Compass Adventure Tours


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Aloha! Welcome to Surfer's Paradise, where you'll be treated like one of the family. Hawaii has the most spectacular surfing on the planet Earth, and we'd like to share it with you.







We have all different levels of surfing, from newbie locations to places that will wow even the most jaded surfer. Take a look at our finest offerings for the well-waxed.

Dead Man's Bluff: Known around the islands as the one to catch. Only breaks when the moon is full, but you'll stare in amazement. When you finally tackle it, you got a 50-50 chance.

Long Cool One: One of the longest waves in the island. Get to the paddling channel from the end zone. Looks are deceiving so watch your head! 

Piece of Cake: Irony and surfing go hand in hand. With a tight rip, this is easily the biggest, baddest spot in the islands. Watch out for quick curls. This one takes some work, but the rewards are sweet.

Gripper: Fast tube, you better hold on tight. Short and to the point.

Also check out:

Sunset Beach, Oahu
Waimea Bay
South Shore, Oahu

If you're not dying to jump off Dead Man's Bluff, take heart. We also have great spots for the newbies (or less fool-hardy). To help you decipher the surf slang, novices, "wave" hello!


Highest point of the wave.


Lowest point of the wave.


Vertical distance from the trough to the crest.

Wave length

Horizontal distance between two wave crests.


The time for a wave crest to travel one wave length.

Besides helping you find the best surf locations, we sponsor the local surf-fest, where you can show off your new-found talents. The big prize is a $1000 shopping spree at our shop. 

Sign up at 
Big Kahuna Surf and Swim Shop 
1134 Paradise Lane 
Hawaii, USA

Expected Conditions at the Big Kahuna Competition

East to southeast winds at 10-15 knots
Seas 2-4 feet
Partly cloudy with isolated showers
Water temperature at 76 degrees Fahrenheit

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