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This Site is MOVING in EARLY 2011 to Thanks. This site is dedicated to all of those that enjoyed meeting Cassie Robinson and hope to see her again sometime on the show.

Now we are Halfway through season 5 and it's Hiatus time until January 21, 2010. There is plenty of time to catch up. You can go to and look up the unbox episodes for everything through season 4 and maybe some of season 5 for only 1.99 episode.

Also I was blessed enough to meet both Jensen and Jared this last November at the Chicago Salute to the show in November. When you hear the guys are just sweethearts you never know if that is a true statement but now I can tell you it's a fact for more of an update on my trip you will also find that at my Journal. It's Here

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I still find it amazing with all those that did not like Cassie that every time I go to you tube to do a search I find so many people who enjoy the Cassie/Dean pairing.

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