Situational Sleights (2017)

Foreword by Justin Higham

Part 1: Silent Stacking
Thumb Pivot Palm
Mr Popular (Mate at Any Number)
The Lurpack Spread
Lurpack Lighter
Poker Stack Deluxe
Like Butter Wouldn’t Melt
Instant Sandwich

Part 2: Deal of the Day
Split Deal
The Escapologist
Split Block Centre Deal
Reverse Anti-Faro Split Deal Extensions
The Banana Split Deal
Aces Through Table
The Rebound Deal
Dealer Test
Spider Woman’s Revenge
Banana Split / Rebound Cull

Part 3: Shoulder to Shoulder
The Roulette Palm
Named Colour Through Table
Diminishing Number of Cards
The Sycamore Change
Using the Sycamore Change to Back Palm Multiple Cards
Stand Up Monte
Hitchhikers Guide To “The Travelers”
Wishing Well
Jumping Jacks

Part 4: Lucky Dip
Faro Cascade Peek
Tetris Shuffle (Red/Black)
Bold Box Load
One-Handed False Cut
Fruit Machine
Butterfly Deal
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Tranpso Collectors
The Kiss Shift
Sandwich Trick using the Kiss Shift
The Whip Toss Switch
Transpo Fun
More Transpo Fun
The Whip Double Placement
Latch Peek
Scissor Steal

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