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Friday, 15 August 2003
??? tHa fuK iS uP wiT XaNguH ???
daMn hOoMEe!! XaNguH STILL noT wRkiN!! gRrRr..o0o weLL fuK iT....

KeViN iSh iN tRaCy!!! = [
i MiSs hiM LiKw wHoA aLrEaDy...BOo hOo *TeaR*

daMn wEe haVe LiKe a wEeK LeFt uNtiL sKOo aNd i STILL duNt haVe mAh fuKeN bOoKs!! aY yaI yaI!! tOoMoRRoW fA sHao iMmA gO...i bEttA...fuKeN wEe goNnA hAvE a tEsT oN that sHiT!!

LOok aT tHaT>>>^
tOo muCh baDd LaNguAgE...

Posted by blog/byootee_bootee at 9:20 PM PDT
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!!!XaNguH iSh gEe!!!
hEy ppLz...XanGuH iSh BeiN gEe so0o iMmA kEeP tHis iShT riTe HeRRe

MaH mOusEe DieD!!! =[ i'M so0o saDd...i fouNd iT iN tHa KaGe noT mOoViN!! aNd weN i tOucHeD heR...sHe diDnT mOoVe!!! waHhH!! MaH mOusEe dieD!! =[

oN tHa fLip siDe i weNt tOo tHa maLL wiT KeViN aNd wEe juSs chiLLeD aNd waLkeD aRouNg hoLdiNg haNds...
iT wuDa bEeN beTtA iF mAh fuKeN brOdEr wuD'Ve juSs sHuT hiS damN mOuFf buT o weLL...aNytiMe wiT KeViN iSh kEw wiT mEeH hAHa..aNd wEe sAw miNdEezy deRR tOo sHoPPiN 'RouNd!!

MaH bOo iSh gOiN baK tAh tRaCy fuR hiS bRoDeR's buRfFdaY...iMmA miSh yOoH KeViN!!! LuV yAh LoTs!!

Posted by blog/byootee_bootee at 1:41 AM PDT
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