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The AUSBULLMASTIFF group was first formed in 1998 with a different host and moved to Yahoo in 2000. Our membership base consists of close to 60 Bullmastiff Breeders, Bullmastiff owners, prospective Bullmastiff owners and Breed fanciers.

Whilst the majority of our members are Australasian based, however, we welcome and encourage members from any part of the world.

is a wonderful tool for every Bullmastiff person.

Members  share breed knowledge, photos, stories, show results, happy events, sorrows and more. But the best part of the list, is the ability to meet other people with the common interest of the Bullmastiff.

Looking for a Bullmastiff puppy? Not sure where to start? AUSBULLMASTIFF  can assist you.

You are invited to join AUSBULLMASTIFF and become involved in the online discussion about the Bullmastiff.

ALL MEMBERSHIP applications MUST be made with your REAL email address. No new membership requests using hotmail, yahoo or any other free email account with be approved. If you wish to receive list mail to a different account, you can change your account settings once your membership application has been approved by logging into your yahoogroups account.

Please do not be discouraged by this, it has been done to ensure that the people joining are real and who they say they are due to a few recent people joining disguised to cause havoc among the members.

This list has a high volume of mail, averaging between 50 - 200 emails per day.

********PLEASE NOTE: Membership for this list is moderated. All applications for new memberships need to be approved by one of the lists two moderators. Upon sending your request, you will receive a short questionnaire which much be returned before your membership can be approved.

If you have any queries, please email one of the moderators. 
We hope to see you there.

Nikki Marshall                                      Jean Bailey
Owner/Moderator                               Moderator                  


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