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 Perhaps the most important and exciting decision any bride makes, is the dress she'll wear on her wedding day.  With an abundance of gorgeous styles, fabrics, and embellishments to choose from, this can be a daunting process.  We are all characters with distinct traits, some of which are derived from clothes we wear, people we admire, stories we read, movies we watch, and even the moods we have.  A major step in identifying your bridal style is coming to terms with your personality.



Are you sentimental?  Idyllic?  Just knew

Your prince would come (some day)?

Behold the princess bride – you’re as

Girly as it gets.  A wearer or ball gowns,

Basque waists, tons of tulle.  Adornment is essential for you, so choose a gown with sparkly-crystal beading and pearl drops.